Why this business gave up on spreadsheets to use Timewatch timesheets

By September 27, 2018 November 13th, 2023 Outlook, Timesheet

MyHealth Access Network links more than 4,000 providers and their patients to a state-wide health information system. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the idea is simple: if you’ve ever had to fill out the same form several times, or new forms with the same information, you’ve experienced the need for information sharing between doctors.

“We needed a way to track billable project hours…” The solution? Our timesheets.

“We have a small staff – about 20 of us – but we have a lot of projects that we are working on and we needed a way to track billable project hours,” says Lance Butler, Project Manager at MyHealth Access Network.

“We started off keeping track of time in Excel spreadsheets. Each week people would track the amount of time on projects each day but we needed more detail.”

The team at MyHealth Access Network made something of an upgrade by using Outlook Calendar. Clients were billed according to calendar inputs that accounted for every hour of the day.

“If you spent 15 minutes on a project then you filled in a 15-minute appointment for that project,” Butler says.

“We set up a master list of billing categories and then extracted everybody’s data at the end of the month. This led us to realize we needed timekeeping software. The current system was taking too much time as it was a manual process.”

“There was a lot of timekeeping software available but Timewatch struck us immediately.”


And that’s where Timewatch entered the story.

“There was a lot of timekeeping software available, but Timewatch struck us immediately,” says Butler. “The key factor was that it plugged into the process we already had in place. We can use the appointments we already have scheduled on our calendar while also entering time manually. Users have to enter all data manually with most timekeeping software but Timewatch is different.

“This is a merge of Outlook calendars and manual entry. It was simple and it was a natural fit for us.”