Many businesses use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to schedule staff or log hours with timesheets. While spreadsheets are a great idea for many things, using them for timesheets or resource scheduling is a bad idea. Here’s why:

Do we have to say it again? Time = money

Time is valuable and time is money. If it takes you too much time to complete a spreadsheet then you are costing the company money.

You’d like to take off a holiday, or sick leave, or a vacation

Shame. You can’t. No one else know the rules needed to update the tabs you’ve spent years designing. Your spreadsheets aren’t that well documented and your help desk doesn’t know how it works.

Spreadsheets lack reporting data

Spreadsheets don’t send notifications and alerts if someone forgets to fill out their timesheet or you are over budget on a project.

Only one person knows how the formulas work

If the person who creates a spreadsheet leaves your company with all the institutional knowledge of how the spreadsheets are managed then your company risks coming to a screeching halt – especially if billing is tied into the spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet is not a database system

Data contained in a spreadsheet is unstructured and creates risk to that data – it is possible to lose spreadsheets. If a spreadsheet is not a database system there is no reporting.


Spreadsheets don’t allow for multiple users

Someone within your company needs to consolidate data from multiple sources. This creates a bottleneck, which limits scalability, and increases risk if there is a failure.

A spreadsheet = no rules

Data in a spreadsheet is free format entry. This is bad news for you and anyone else trying to interpret your data.

Lack of security

With a spreadsheet, security is either on or off. You really need multiple levels of security within a business system.


Important: Spreadsheets don’t work for mobile

A spreadsheet is a spreadsheet on any platform. An online business system has a ‘responsive’ design that caters to whatever device it is viewed on. A spreadsheet is always a grid of data with formula.


So what should your company use instead of a spreadsheet?

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