Software for Tax Accountants

Tom Fucito wants to make his clients “sleep better at night” and has some advice for fellow tax professionals is to use software for tax professionals, not spreadsheets†See the full story.

So, what do tax accounting professionals do? A Certified Public Accountant, Fucito’s office offers a full range of financial planning and consulting services to clients that include individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations across New York state from the Adirondacks to Long Island – as well as Florida.

“Tax returns actually take up the least amount of work for us,” explains Fucito, correcting a perception that accountants work like crazy around tax season and spend the rest of the year on vacation.

Fucito’s office offers a full-service model to clients. It’s aim is to make clients understand how they can run their business better, become more efficient, and – most importantly – succeed.  

“We take the time to know and understand our clients. We also have an educational component. We teach people to fish rather than do the fishing for them. We offer a CFO model for our business clients – we don’t just take their work and do it for them. We can look at the foundation of how a business is operating – its policies and procedures. We can help them develop those if necessary. We can also train the client’s own book keepers if necessary. There is a lot of interaction and communication.”

Let our software for tax professionals help you understand your business better

Timewatch software for tax professionals saved us time and improved profitability.

What software is used for tax? We know that, with such attention to detail, it is important for Fucito to also understand his own business. That’s why his accounting firm uses Timewatch’s Time product. Time is a timesheet entry system that’s intuitive and easy to learn. No training is required. Among many other features, it can provide an overview of where your business is spending its resources and how long your employees are spending on various projects and clients.

“Time helps with our decision-making process – whether we retain a client or offer up additional opportunities to help them to improve their business,” says Fucito.

“We used to track time in Excel. That was very cumbersome and slow, but Timewatch is much better. The system is a lot more interactive and easy to use. Changing a system after so many years is never easy but it is not even questionable that Timewatch is definitely an advantage for the business. It helps us make informed decisions.”

There’s something in common, right there.

The Accounting Offices of Tom Fucito helps its clients sleep better at night.

It turns out that Timewatch removes stress and helps improve that sleep, too.