Managing professional training services requires a high level of organizational skills. Juggling staff, skills, locations and venues, courses, and equipment is time consuming and ultimately costs your business money.

Managers at training organizations know the frustration all too well when pieces of a simple puzzle just won’t fit together. Having run our own training services, we know the pain first hand.

Our customers within the professional training services industry have also told us exactly what they want to help manage their business: an intuitive, easy-to-use application that allows frequent changes to be made quickly and easily.

Our game changing systems specifically meet professional training demands

With our WhiteSpace product, we think we have developed a game changing solution that specifically meets the demands of managers running career development and professional training services.

This is not just marketing talk. If you are in the training industry, take a look at our services and see if you think we can make your business run more efficiently, reduce administrative headaches, and save money.

Our products help trainers coordinate schedules and teaching locations

WhiteSpace has a fully customizable view that shows bookings and reservations for trainers, rooms, and courses that can be edited with a few clicks or a simple drag and drop..

Schedulers are able to select the most suitable trainer for a training session based on their skill or location. Management can fully utilize training rooms by selecting them based on capacity, layout, or equipment

Importantly, WhiteSpace is fully customizable. This means that whatever needs to be included with a booking – catering requirements, course revenue details, room layout information for facilities departments, attendee details – can all be part of your simple-to-view dashboard.

If you need to send a trainer off-site – no problem. WhiteSpace allows customer details to be recorded and can even map a travel route for you.

WhiteSpace allows your training staff full independence to manage their own schedule. Your office will not need a staff member coordinating trainers. Your training staff have direct access to their scheduling dashboard from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

WhiteSpace lets you analyze your data and be more efficient

More efficient scheduling is only half the story –  WhiteSpace customers can run utilization, capacity, and revenue reports to fully analyse and understand your recorded data. Heat maps allow schedulers to foresee future demand – allowing you to increase efficiency, save on costs, and run a professional business.

WhiteSpace uses the latest cloud-based technology. It is fully customizable and can develop and evolve as your organisation grows.