Customizable Resource Scheduling and Timesheet Dashboard

Our new advanced scheduling and timesheet dashboard designer allows customers to specify the key performance indicators that they need to analyze in order to run their business better.

How to customize your scheduling and timesheet dashboard for business success

Digital dashboards are important for your business. The right dashboard can revolutionize your success and make running your business easier and more productive. Dashboards can tell the real-time story of your business, but each story is different for every company.

Digital dashboards provide a way to present management key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical data points in real-time at a single place. This helps in monitoring the performance of the business or department. Dashboards simplify complex data sets through data visualization and help a user gain awareness of current performance at a glance. Data can be visualized in the form of charts, gauges, graphs, or maps.

What every good dashboard should provide for its users

“Having to run a report to send to a manager which is already out of date and probably doesn’t get read is a thing of the past for our customers,” explains Phil Jones, a Timewatch Product Specialist. “Managers can access dashboards showing them the information they want to see. They can decide what they want to see, so the most important information is up front and center. This allows them to make real-time decisions that can save the organization valuable time and, of course, money.”

A good dashboard should:

  • Give you the data you want simply and easily
  • Deliver that data in real-time
  • Offer meaningful and useful data
  • Have Minimum distractions
  • Be accessed easily by its intended audience

What at-a-glance key performance indicators are important to your business?

  • Visual presentation of performance measures
  • Ability to identify and correct negative work trends
  • Measure efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Ability to generate detailed reports showing new trends
  • Ability to make more informed decisions
  • Align strategies and organizational goals
  • Available on mobile devices to quickly access metrics

Timewatch Scheduling and Timesheet Dashboards Tick all the boxes

Our standard dashboards already offer everything your business needs, but coming soon to Timewatch timesheet and resource scheduling systems is an advanced, interactive, and customizable dashboard that gives you exactly the data views you need – not the data a software company thinks you should have.

“Being able to customize and design your own interactive dashboards allows our software to adopt our customers’ specific business requirements to gain an understanding of what is/is not working at peak performance,” says Anthony Vaccaro, Senior Product Specialist at Timewatch. “Customers tell us that dashboards are imperative for upper management and C level positions as they provide real-time information about how the company is performing.”

Timehseet Dashboard
The new, customizable dashboard system will be available for all areas of the system and allows customers to create their own dashboards, or clone and edit Timewatch dashboards

Advanced, Customizable Digital Dashboard Coming Early 2021

Different companies want different data, but with the new Timewatch dashboard – due to arrive in early 2021 – you will be able to customize the data you need and know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times and interrogate that dashboard in real-time.

Vacarro explains, “Our designer allows for interaction and drill-down capability, so when our customers view a metric, they click to see all the data points that make up that value. This saves our users a considerable amount of time as they no longer need to run multiple reports to analyze their data.”

Data analytics doesn’t have to be all about drill down numbers. You can learn the inside story of your business with easily readable charts and graphs.

“Customers often tell us their previous system only has information the authors of the software thought they might want to see. To be able to create interactive dashboards with drill-down capability gives us another huge advantage over our competitors†,” says Jones. “It is fantastic to be able to show people how easy it is to create a dashboard that shows exactly the data they want in a format they can design. CEOs, CFOs, managers, administrators, end-users – everyone loves it.”

If you would like to speak with someone about the forthcoming Digital Dashboard Designer, please contact us using the form to the right.


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