Timewatch resource scheduling enhancements to help business through Covid-19

We’ve released several resource scheduling enhancements to help businesses cope with staffing during Covid-19.

Resource scheduling enhancements to help businesses through Covid-19

At the best of times it can be challenging scheduling resources and selecting the best staff members for a given project . In the current COVID-19 pandemic, the conditions businesses now face have made resource scheduling even harder.

With staff out sick, furloughed, or – worse – laid off, everyone’s schedules get disrupted. This is in addition to the challenges of working from home, family commitments, and the kids at home as schools are closed. Similarly, an organizations’ customers have the exact same issues, which makes scheduling doubly difficult.

For most businesses however, the show must go on – even in working environments that are less than ideal. Rearranging previously assigned resource schedules, or finding staff members who are available for new assignments can be more complicated, time-consuming, and more of a headache for managers than it was before.

Our scheduling tools help manage the disruption to projects

Timewatch is here to help with your business scheduling problems and assisting in minimizing disruption to business commitments.

When it became apparent that COVID-19 was going to disrupt business around the world, Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright asked posed a simple question to staff. “What can we do to help our customers schedule their resources better during the crisis?’.

One problem Timewatch staff identified was how businesses would respond to staff getting sick. Employees would be out for at least several weeks, but many businesses would still need to remain open – sometimes for their survival, and sometimes to provide essential services.

Timewatch developers went to work to upgrade a new search feature to our scheduling tools that simplified finding an available employee for a project and added skills and specific categories and attributes to an individual’s availability profile.

Resource Scheduling Covid-19 enhancements

Simple search for staff to meet specific needs

“Rather than scroll through a list of 60 employees to see who might be available in a specific location, you can now find the right person for a project in seconds,” explains Wright.

“Do you need a Spanish-speaking staff member who is an accounting expert and can work in the US west coast timezone on Zoom for the next three weeks? Our scheduling upgrade in our Whitespace product can find that perfect person for you with just a few clicks.”

The search upgrade allows a project manager to replace a staff manager that is unavailable with another employee who has the same skills, location, or attributes with a drag and drop.

“Finding a replacement staff member is now very simple,” says Wright. “Customers can customize their staff’s strengths and skills to match the business strengths and skills. It is flexible, fluid, and very simple to set up.”

COVID-19 is certainly providing challenges for businesses all over the world. Still, Timewatch staff and our products are here to help meet many of those challenges and make work tasks easier for our customers.

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