It seems everyone has a hot take on the World Cup right now. We have one, too, and we’re serious about it. Pro tip: don’t bother potential customers over the next few weeks with a badly-timed sales call just before an important game.

Balancing work and the World Cup is a serious challenge every four years and one that businesses have not yet found a simple solution for. Throw in conflict between Russia’s time zones and your own location and your business is presented with a genuine workplace dilemma.

How to watch the World Cup at work and win


People will watch World Cup matches during work time and it’s no secret that good management understands employees might be desperate to know what’s happening during games and want to keep up with the latest results.

This is where elite-level scheduling comes into play during June and July. Do you want to see the Messi of timesheets and Salah of scheduling in action during the World Cup? We can help. Our timesheet and resource scheduling platforms make sure you meet your commitments to both the World Cup and your business with minimal drama.  

In scheduling, a World Cup-class system needs to be able to stop conflicts from happening. But, often in business, there are bookings that need to be made where conflicts are allowed. There might be a monthly meeting you should attend but if something more important comes up – like England versus Belgium, for example – you don’t have to.

The winning aspect of a Timewatch scheduling system is that it allows bookings that DO NOT allow any conflicts (for example, a customer meeting) and accepts bookings that do allow a conflict – like a specific World Cup game. Our scheduling systems let you know when you shouldn’t call your Brazilian sales prospect but let’s you know it is OK to do other work.

Timewatch syncs with Outlook, Office 365,  Exchange, and Google so your World Cup schedule doesn’t hurt your work plans


Timewatch resource scheduling systems sync bidirectionally with Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, and Google (we also have an Office 365 timesheet system). This makes Timewatch software a genuine world-beater. You can sync personal calendars – that includes the World Cup schedule – with your own work calendar.

This is a key reason why our resource scheduling platform is the best in the business and good for your company. Syncing calendars means you won’t miss a game – or a meeting with a customer (where you can talk about the World Cup). We also take into account global time zones so you won’t have to do any addition or subtraction to work out what is happening with colleagues or contacts in Brazil, Germany, or even the USA. 

Why the best scheduling system saves you money and keeps your customers happy


To continue the World Cup angle, just like a penalty shootout, syncing scheduling sounds like an easy and fundamental thing to do but it is actually quite complex. This is why Timewatch products are world beaters.

The best scheduling system will save your business money and keep your customers happy. And importantly for the end-user, a scheduler can find a suitable time that works for everyone almost instantly. What’s important is accuracy. With our system, everything that an employee puts into their calendar is visible to the scheduler, and vice versa.

We won’t be able to guarantee results on the pitch in Russia but we can guarantee your business will better manage its time, save money, and be the most efficient team in your game.

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