Timewatch indroduces exciting new schedule by availability features.

How our latest resource scheduling system makes it easier to locate the right resources for a job, and schedule by availability, and is much faster and easier to use than Resource Guru.

Timewatch X6.0 includes exciting new features that are life changing for schedulers.

We’re not hyping this up for no reason.

Most scheduling tools make finding the right person for a job or project needlessly complicated. Sometimes there are so many options and categories to consider that a busy scheduler will need multiple screens and multiple hours to find one person who is the right fit – and is available for the job.

Not any more.

We have revolutionized how schedulers can find the right person for a job – in just seconds.

How Timewatch X6.0 speeds up your resource scheduling

Timewatch X6.0 gives schedulers the option of tagging resources with any attribute or descriptor so that searches can be based on any attribute, skill, or specialization.

But that’s not all.

Timewatch X6.0 also gives schedulers the opportunity schedule by availability as well as attributes and specialization so that the right person can be found for a job within SECONDS.

Simple and easy

A task that may have once taken hours to complete is now something that can take seconds.

With other products, finding availability over a specific date or date range is complicated and time consuming as they use gauges for each day to show each resource’s availability. Finding just 25 resources availability over six weeks would require over one thousand individual gauges for schedulers to scour over.

With Whitespace ®, schedulers simply tap a button to search, sort, or filter availability to find eligible resources. It reduces searching for available resources to seconds instead of minutes and is not affected by the number of resources being viewed.

No more hovering over profiles and skipping from candidate to candidate and writing down available options on a scrap of paper. With Timewatch X6.0 you can search with narrow specifics on skills and availability in just seconds.

For schedulers, allocating resources just became clearer to see and understand.


A simple, fast, easy to understand scheduling tool to manage your resources

When viewing resources allocated to a customer or project, only bookings or commitments for that customer/project are shown in color. Bookings and commitments to other customers and projects are displayed in transparent grey.

Combined with the attributes search and colorization, it is now incredibly easy for project managers and schedulers to perform capacity planning for a customer or project, with accurate and true resource availability also clear to see.

These new functions are powerful extensions to the current Whitespace ® and Time&Space ® systems and are included in the latest update to the Timewatch version X6.0 suite which is rolling out to customers now.

If you have any questions about the new features in the latest release and when it will be available to you, please contact us.

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