Timewatch time and billing systems offer the best option to a Sage Coretime upgrade

With Sage disposing of Coretime, perhaps it’s time to look at upgrading to a more modern system with mobile timesheet, outlook timesheet entry, report writer, full resource scheduling, dashboards and other advanced features.

Upgrade your Sage Coretime time and billing system

Timewatch has collaborated with Sage to create a timesheet and project management system that does everything Coretime does – and more. The product provides an excellent Coretime upgrade path for customers who want more up-to-date features such as mobile timesheet entry, Outlook timesheet entry, timers, drill-down reporting, report writer, dashboards, single sign-on, resource scheduling, and more.

If your business is looking for a sophisticated, time-saving time and billing system for Sage, we have the perfect solution for you.

Why not begin 2021 with a 21st-century timesheet product?

Begin 2021 with a 21st century time & billing system 

Sage has a huge range of products that tick all the right boxes for small to large businesses. Now, with Sage’s disposal of Coretime, selling the aging product back to the company they initially bought it from, perhaps it’s time for Sage customers to revisit their time and billing solution and make the move to a more modern time and billing system.

Timewatch’s sophisticated cloud time and billing solutions include cutting edge facilities that Coretime lacks. Features such as:

  • Mobile timesheet entry
  • Outlook timesheet, turn Outlook appointments into timesheets
  • Weekly timesheet entry
  • Calendar timesheet mode
  • Timers
  • Drill-down reporting
  • Customizable report writer
  • Dashboards
  • Multi-Currency
  • Single Sign-On
  • Sophisticated Resource Scheduling

“Customers naturally feel more comfortable with a product from the same provider as their accounting system,” says Anthony Vaccaro, a senior product specialist at Timewatch, “but now that Sage has disposed of Coretime, the ‘home ground’ benefit no longer exists and all time and billing systems for Sage are now on a level playing field. That’s a huge advantage for Timewatch as we’ve continually invested in our products and kept them up to date with cutting-edge features. This places us years ahead of Coretime. We welcome Sage customers to take a look at our solutions and compare them to what they have now to see what they are missing and how much time they could be saving their employees. Within 20 minutes, customers will appreciate exactly how Timewatch will give them a business advantage over Coretime.”

Outlook Timesheet

Our Outlook timesheet system is a perfect example of the benefits of a system with continual development.

Customers that use Outlook can save employees hours each week by letting them use data in the Outlook calendars to create timesheets. This makes timesheets simpler, easier, and much faster than a traditional timesheet as the data is already in Outlook.

Calendar Timesheet
Timewatch supports both spreadsheet AND calendar style timesheet entry. Outlook users love the calendar timesheet.
This is the calendar timesheet. It looks and feels like Outlook, which makes users instantly familiar with the system – and it shows the Outlook appointments that are available to post to your timesheet!
Blue entries are ones that are already in the timesheet. Notice there are 2 items on Monday, which add up to 5 hours for Monday.
Transparent Green and Red items are Outlook appointments that are available to post to your timesheet. The Green ones already have a Customer / Project allocated and are ready to post to your timesheet.
Transparent Red and Green items are Outlook appointments that are available to post to your timesheet. The Red ones already need a Customer / Project to be allocated to post to your timesheet.
The total value of posted (blue) time is shown for each day.
In the mobile app, time already in your timesheet is blue, like it is in the PC/Mac calendar timesheet.
Green bars in the mobile timesheet shows the total time in Outlook appointments that are ready to post to your timesheet on each day.
Red bars in the mobile timesheet show the total time in Outlook appointments that need a customer / project before they can be posted to your timesheet on that day.

How does it work?

Timewatch timesheets are fast, efficient, accurate, and easy. With multiple timesheet entry options including:

  • Mobile timesheet
  • Outlook timesheet
  • Calendar timesheet
  • Timers
  • Traditional timesheet

Our Outlook timesheet offers incredible time savings as employees can post time already in their Outlook calendar – their appointments – into timesheets.

Typically, Timewatch saves each employee around 4 hours per month in timesheet entry, an instant and valuable return on investment.

Administrators can configure the system to perfectly meet their charging, billing, and reporting requirements, and then there. There is also Timewatch’s seamless integration with Sage.

As a user creates customers projects in one system they integrate into the other system. Timewatch automatically syncs customers customers’ projects and transactions with Sage.

“As you update transactions they go from one system to the other automatically,” says Vaccaro.

“If your business uses Sage, you can use our fully integrated time tracking product as if it is a product that has come from Sage. This solution makes your company’s end users, administrators and business leaders happy”, says Vaccaro.”

“It is quite extraordinary”: A win for everybody

“Everyone who has used our timesheet systems say that their process has gone from hours to minutes or seconds. It is quite extraordinary”. explains Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright. “Using Timewatch systems frees up around half a day a month per person. That’s a huge win for any professional services organization.”

“Timewatch expands the use of Sage for businesses that use timesheets, time and billing, resource scheduling or professional services automation,” explains Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright. “It’s as seamless as if Sage had written it themselves and a perfect upgrade for Coretime users.”

If Sage has revisited their ownership of Coretime, perhaps Coretime customers should take the time to look at a more modern alternative that will save users time and improve their time and billing.

If you would like to speak with someone about upgrading to a Timewatch solution, please contact us using the form to the right.


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