Customers tell us their key requirements when selecting resource scheduling software for their business are:

  • make scheduling easier
  • help choose the ‘best’ resource for a task
  • optimize the use of their valuable resources
  • and sync data to people’s mobile devices


A good scheduling system must also be highly configurable with custom fields able to be defined by users along with configurable views, color coding, booking types, rules, and security.

The best business system should support customization and a wide range of optional scheduling modules including Office 365/Exchange integration.

Another very important factor in selecting the best resource scheduling system for your business is to let your users track time in whatever way they prefer. That can be with a PC, Mac, phone, tablet or even from within Outlook.

No training should be required

Timesheet entry should be so intuitive and easy to learn that no training should be required. Products should include a host of self-learning tools to help customers to learn and implement solutions themselves.

A good timesheet MUST save you time


With time-saving features such as instant search, import from calendar, and post appointments & emails from Outlook, timesheets should typically save staff between one and three hours per week. If you are paying for a quality business timesheet system then it must pay for itself in minutes. Easy manager approval and alerts save administrators even more time.

Powerful reporting must be built-in

There is little point in putting data into a system if you can’t get it out but you’d be amazed how many people tell us that their current system has poor or non-existent reporting.

As a standard, we believe all products should include a library of standard reports, data views, export to Excel, PDF, and email functions.

With all these factors in play, your business will be equipped with the best timesheet and resource scheduling system available.