International real estate is a competitive market where margins are tight.

A major real estate company recently upgraded its project and financial management tools, became a Timewatch customer, and dramatically improved its profitability.

How can a real estate timesheet system do this? Well, the organization uses Outlook to manage most of its internal organization and communication, and Timewatch timesheet software can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets. So, when they implemented our Outlook timesheet, they not only saved their employees around 2 hours a week manually entering timesheets, their employees found they had an extra day each month to work on productive tasks. The result? Increased productivity and billings.

Timewatch Time®&Money allows users to do exactly that.

Submit your timesheets directly from Outlook and capture all data

How real estate timesheet software helped this organization manage their time better.

The ability to submit data to timesheets directly from Outlook bookings was an important factor for this customer when they chose Timewatch. Off-site staff is now able to enter non-scheduled work while on the road via a mobile device. This means that nothing – no data – is ever omitted. That’s crucial to ensure accurate billing.

With Time®&Money, attention to detail means nothing is ever missed.

Accurate billing means you can maximise profit.

It’s all part if using the best timesheet system.

Our best timesheet system and billing system require zero training


Importantly, Time®&Money timesheet entry is so intuitive and easy to learn that no user training is required.

Time-saving features in Time®&Money include instant search, and a favorite projects list.

Users can also enter expenses via a mobile device – as well as online – making Time®&Money ideal for staff who are out of the office, on the road, or working remotely.

Did you know? Timesheet users save between one and three hours per week


Our customers report that timesheet users typically save between one and three hours per week. Easy manager approval for expense requests and auto timesheet alerts save administrators even more time.

Powerful rating systems allow customers to match their commercial charge out rules with rates by person, customer, project, date, type of work, or any combination of these. Flexible rates makes time and billing simple, easy, and accurate.

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