Project Manager Timesheet Approval

Are timesheets used for project planning? It sounds simple enough, project managers want to approve time on their projects, but it can be complicated. There is a lot more to efficient project manager timesheet approval than meets the eye.

Efficient Project Manager Timesheet Approval

How to managers keep track of projects? Project manager timesheet approval can become over complicated. Sure, it’s a simple process to OK a meeting or site visit. But what about the different layers of non-project time: administration, sick days, vacation, etc? What if there are different time periods required for timesheets; daily timesheets, weekly timesheets or bi-weekly timesheets? In many cases, users need both project manager approval as well as line manager approval that looks at the timesheet as a whole.

“I cannot tell you how many times customers have asked if project managers can approve time,” explains Timewatch senior product specialist Phil Jones.

“This would mean the project manager has to see all projects which clearly doesn’t work for most customers. For one particular customer who desperately wanted this feature, we workshopped their requirement with them and it turned out that the best approach was actually line-manager approval: Get the timesheet in as quickly as possible, then send targeted reports to project managers to show time booked specifically to their projects. However, other customers wanted their project managers to approve time so that project managers maintain control of their own projects. We solved this by adding approval into the project valuation process, which also streamlined billing. Yes, it can be complicated, no one size fits all, which is why we work with customers to find the best solution for them.”

Still, Timewatch persisted in exploring solutions to see if there are other ways to achieve the same objectives to give customers more options.

Finding a better approach to project manager timesheet approval

So, how does a project manager use a timesheet? Following the release of Timewatch’s Calendar Timesheet, our engineers looked at building a new timesheet concept that could offer easy and accurate project manager timesheet approval and line manager approval.

“For our large users, project manager approval is often seen as a vital feature,” adds Jones. “A line manager couldn’t possibly know the intricacies of all of the organization’s projects. Project managers are best placed to approve time on their projects, while line managers are best placed to ensure employees are accounting for all their time. As a result, project manager approval can cause bottlenecks and slow down an entire process – it only takes one project manager to be slow in approving weekly timesheets to delay reporting and billing. These are the challenges we have found solutions for.”.

Is your business interested in project manager approval of timesheets? If so, talk to Timewatch about your business needs and see if our project manager approval features are the right fit for your organization and staff. And if it’s not, let’s talk about what we can do to make our product the perfect fit for you.

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