A perfect timesheet billing system is one that can value cost and charge rates exactly the way your organization values time. There are many variables when it comes to valuing time. Do you value time by hour, by day, or some other metric? Do you value that time by employee, by project, by employee on each project, by customer, by date or some combination? Does it vary by customer or project?

No compromise costing, charging, and billing


Most systems limit you to a handful of rates, forcing you to compromise on how you value time and charge customers. Not Timewatch®. Our system supports unlimited rates by any combination of employee, project, customers, type of work, role, or date. Rates are stored to six decimal places to cater for any rating period. We also support multi-currency rates. To borrow a line from Ben Franklin “look after the pennies,” and your billing will look after itself”.

Our timesheets make expenses entry fast, easy, and accurate


Timewatch® adds a customer and project dimension to expenses entry to allow expenses to be valued and recharged to customers as well as allowing for employee expense claims. With customer and project information by expense item, Timewatch® systems can consolidate expenses at a project level for recharging and reporting.

Employees can quickly and easily log expenses and allocate them to projects for managers to review and approve for repayment. They can log costing to a project and/or recharging to a customer. Receipts images can be attached to claims and smartphone & tablet users can take a photo of a receipt and attach it in one step.

Our timesheet systems have the best data reporting you have ever seen


Our customers tell us that reporting in Timewatch® products is the best of any product they’ve ever used. We believe that if you enter data, you should be able to view it however you want, quickly and easily. As a standard, all of our products include traditional reporting via a library of reports that feature export to Excel, Word, PDF, and email. Also available are our unique drill down reporting tools, dashboards, auto alerts, and custom reporting options.

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