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You know you are onto something when an expert in his or her field recommends your product to its own customers. That’s what happened when Better Technology Systems needed a technology solution for one of its own clients. The New York-based tech consulting business chose Timewatch to meet its customer’s needs – our products were considered the perfect business technology solution.

“In technology consulting, we look at the overall business need to find the appropriate technology solution,” says Alfredo Canonico of Better Technology Systems, explaining how his company approaches business.

“There are three parts to a solution: people, process, and technology. It turns out the technology is really the easiest part. People are the most difficult element to deal with, followed by the process.”

WhiteSpace resource scheduling software provides full customization

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Canonico chose Timewatch’s WhiteSpace resource scheduling product to meet the needs of a non-profit client. WhiteSpace was the preferred solution because it could be fully customized and easily implemented – key factors that made it simple for his client’s staff to follow the process and therefore improve how its business functioned.

“The great thing about Whitespace was that it was highly customizable,” he says. “That definitely made this work for us.

“Also, the implementation was an excellent process. We are there to solve a business problem and, let’s be honest, most of the time the business problem is the people. This time, that wasn’t an issue.”

The best in the business recommends the best in a business technology solution 

pexels-photo-306534Better Technology Systems consultants are in their business because they enjoy working with computers, teaching others how to use them, and providing value-added solutions to their clients. They know their business and what products work for their clients.“Our familiarity with a wide variety of systems allows us to suggest proactive changes benefiting our customer,” says Canonico. “We maintain a staff with broad knowledge and experience.”

Canonico says Timewatch products can be a good fit for a broad range of its clients: a non-profit or a civil engineering company that needs to introduce a time tracking system for employees. The ability for Timewatch products to be customized for businesses across many different industries makes it an asset as a solution for its customers.

“We used WhiteSpace – the resource scheduling software – for a customer in the non-profit fundraising field but it has applications in other industries,” Canonico says. “It is great for us to know that we have a product we are able to recommend across all industries.”