New Browser Extension for Outlook Web Access Brings Outlook Time Tracking to Mac and PC

30-second overview:

  • Outlook time tracking plugin for Mac and PC
  • Turn Outlook appointments into timesheet
  • Works with Outlook Web Access (OWA) on in Chrome & Edge on PC and Mac
  • Does not alter or slow down Outlook
  • Time tracking outlook integration saves users hours each week

Post Outlook Appointments To Your Timesheet

Timewatch’s OutlookTime® system is an Outlook timesheet allows people to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets and Outlook into a timesheet system.

Users love it because it makes timesheet entry faster and easier. Companies love it because their employees can do everything from within Outlook using data they already have in Outlook. It’s simple, it’s easy, and most importantly it’s faster – saving each employee 2-4 hours a week – time better spent on productive or chargeable work.

There was only one problem, OutlookTime® was a plug-in that was only available to users of Outlook on Windows. Now we’ve solved that.

With the next release of Timewatch’s time tracking software, our Outlook timesheet will also be available to users of Outlook Web Access, which means Mac time tracking is now a reality. The system supports both Chrome and Edge browsers and will be available for download from Timewatch as well as from the Chrome Web Store.

The new Outlook Chrome extension offers the same advanced timesheet functionality as the Outlook for Windows desktop edition and will be free to all users of OutlookTime®.

How Does it Work?

It couldn’t be easier to use. Users simply install the Chrome extension and log in to Outlook. They’ll be asked to validate their account and will then be able to post Outlook appointments to their timesheet.

OWA timesheet
The Browser extension adds this panel, where users can add customer & project information to appointments and add them to their timesheet.
Posted appointments can be automatically colored to show which have been posted. Here grey colored appointments have already been added to the timesheet, green are ready to add, and blue require a customer / project to be added.
Appointments can be colored to show which are ready to add to the timesheet (green), which have already been added (grey). Users can change the colors, which supports color blind and visually impaired.
The system defaults to posting the duration of the appointment to the timesheet, but this can be changed as needed.
A time tracking progress chart shows how complete the timesheet is. Blue shows the hours in the timesheet already and orange shows the time in Outlook available to add to the timesheet.

How to Post Outlook Appointments to a Timesheet

It is easy! Just click on an appointment, assign a customer, project or whatever your organization needs to track time to, then click ‘Add to timesheet’. That’s it!

Posted appointments are colored grey so users can quickly see which appointments have been posted to their timesheet and which haven’t. A live progress chart provides a clear perspective on how complete a timesheet is, and there is the option of easily adding non-appointment time as well.

Advanced Features

OutlookTime® couldn’t be simpler for Timewatch users but there’s a lot more under the hood for administrators, project and account managers and business leaders. The system is scalable from tens to thousands of users and boasts powerful administration, analysis, reporting, integration and customization features.

It can even be integrated as a front end for other companies that use enterprise solutions that don’t have Outlook timesheet functionality.

Saves Time, Saves Money

Time tracking Outlook integration saves time, and OutlookTime® typically saves employees between 1-2 hours a week. That’s a saving of up to a day a month that employees could be spending on productive or billable tasks.

Want to Learn More?

To learn how our forthcoming browser extension can help turn Outlook into a timesheet system, contact us or complete the form to arrange a call with a product specialist.

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