Outlook Timesheet Saves Time

Our Outlook timesheet saves employees time. It saved this customer’s employees 2 days each month by turning Outlook appointments into timesheets.

Using OutlookTime®, this customer saved their employees 2 days a month. You could too!

Question: Can the Timewatch OutlookTime® product save your staff hours in manual entry and also make your business more efficient?

Answer: Don’t ask us. The best advice on what timesheet system is best for your business comes from our customers.

In the words of one Washington DC-based customer whose business takes them deep into the hallways and offices of the United States Congress: “It’s true!”

This DC-based advisory firm works with multiple government agencies that cover defense, security, and intelligence. An executive says Timewatch’s OutlookTime® product has enabled the organization to become more efficient and changed the work culture of the company.

“We have over 40 clients and if somebody on our team doesn’t do their job properly by logging time on their timesheet, then the whole process doesn’t work,” he explains. “We have a technology team that finds problems within our firm and one issue was staff trying to push calendar reports out by the end of the month. The technology team suggested OutlookTime® would help us get faster at tracking time and also help us with reports. Both those suggestions have been proven true.”

Outlook Timesheet Saves Money

How OutlookTime® increases timesheet accuracy and staff productivity

OutlookTime® increases timesheet accuracy, provides powerful consolidated timesheet reporting and – best of all – saves each employee one to two days a month when compared to a traditional timesheet.

If your organization uses Outlook and also enters timesheets then OutlookTime® is the simple, easy, and fast solution for you. Customers love it because it takes the chore out of timesheet entry.

“We used to use a web-based program but most of our staff didn’t care for it because of the amount of manual entry on the front end,” the executive explains.

“I would say that 20 percent of our staff struggled to get their time in at the end of the month. Our staff, however, is very diligent about calendars and OutlookTime® has made it possible for employees to go from their calendars to their timesheet with a few clicks.”

“It has made our employees’ lives better.”

“Everybody always said that it would be great if they could just right-click their calendar appointments and turn that into a timesheet. That is exactly what Timewatch has done with OutlookTime®.”

“It is incredibly intuitive.”

How does OutlookTime® work?

Outlook appointments already have 90 percent of the information needed for a timesheet entry: the date, start and end time, duration, subject, location & notes. Rather than entering all this information multiple times, OutlookTime® users simply add customer or project details to their appointments and post to their timesheet.

“OutlookTime® has given us efficiencies that we didn’t have before,” says the DC executive. “It has helped us track time and it is now also great to know how much time is being spent on a client so that we can bill for the right amount of time. It is a good tool to help us with pricing and cost. It’s true that it saves time each month and you are also more diligent with your calendar. It turns your work culture around.”

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OutlookTime® allows users allocate Customer / Project information to Outlook appointments.
The time to be posted can be amended here, or by clicking on the item in the grid below.
To post items, the user simply selects them then clicks ‘Post to Timesheet’. It’s that easy!
Appointments with a green bar beside them shows which ones have a customer/project assigned and are ready to post.
OutlookTime® turns Outlook Appointments into timesheets. This saves users around 2 hours a week compared to other systems, and this is what our customers tell us! That’s a day a month. A day a month!