OutlookTime® is a five star timesheet system – say customers.

See why this customer calls OutlookTime® a five star timesheet system.

OutlookTime® Outlook timesheet gets Five Stars from MarketPoint.

“I live by my Outlook calendar, and OutlookTime® is a great way to pull [my] time recording…”

Our Outlook timesheet system consistently receives five-star ratings from our customers. According to OutlookTime® users, the reason is simple: OutlookTime® is easy to use; OutlookTime® saves time, and OutlookTime® works directly in Outlook.

“What I like most about OutlookTime® is that the technology fits the way I work, where other programs expected me to change how I work to fit their solution,” says Laura Pasternak, Principal of MarketPoint LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in marketing and communications.

“I live by my Outlook calendar and OutlookTime® is a great way to pull time recording right out of something that already exists, something I’m already using. It doesn’t require a lot of extra work. We had tried other systems and we knew we didn’t want to use a separate system – we didn’t want to duplicate work.”

The timesheet that does not duplicate work

Pasternak has led MarketPoint for 20 years. Her firm advises company CEOs on how to get the best value from their marketing and communications investment. MarketPoint uses a variety of methods to bill clients: per project, by retainer, per diem, and per hour. Timewatch OutlookTime® met all the company’s needs for tracking time.

“When we started, we used a product called ACT! to manage our time but it just wasn’t the right tool for us,” Pasternak explains. “Back then, billing was a lengthy process. Our team uses Outlook Calendars to track everything, from appointments to project time – and we found we were spending too much time on administration. We were constantly duplicating effort and that made no sense. Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing time administration.”

“We asked ourselves why we weren’t leveraging the full capabilities of Outlook – why couldn’t we just track our time in Outlook and pull it out of the calendar. We thought all these redundant activities were unsustainable, so we went searching for a product that would work directly with Outlook.”

That’s when MarketPoint discovered Timewatch and OutlookTime® and changed the way the company managed its timekeeping.

Timewatch products make the impossible and complicated possible and simple

OutlookTime® turns Outlook entries into timesheets with a few simple clicks. Outlook calendars already contain 90 percent of the information needed for a timesheet entry: date, start and end time, duration, subject, location, and notes. Rather than entering all this information again, OutlookTime® users simply add customer and project details to their appointments and then post them to their timesheet with a click.

Five Star Timesheet

No matter which version of Outlook your business uses – PC, Mac, phone or tablet – OutlookTime® can turn appointments into timesheets in seconds. There is even an Outlook plugin for Outlook for Windows desktop users that brings OutlookTime® functionality right into Outlook itself.

“I have always been a Microsoft Office user, and Outlook has become an essential part of my firm,” Pasternak says. “I’d give OutlookTime® five stars. It is perfect for what we need.”

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OutlookTime® allows users to allocate Customer / Project information to their Outlook appointments.
To post Outlook appointments to a timesheet, simply tick the ones to post, then click ‘Post to Timesheet’. It’s that easy!
Appointments with a green bar beside show which ones have a customer/project assigned and are ready to post.
OutlookTime® turns Outlook Appointments into timesheets. This saves users around 2 hours a week compared to other systems, and this is what our customers tell us! That’s a day a month. A day a month!

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OutlookTime® could save your employees more than a day every month in timesheet entry using data you already have in Outlook.

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