Outlook Timesheet Enhancements

By October 16, 2019 April 11th, 2022 News, Outlook Timesheet
Outlook timesheet enhancements in the next version of OutlookTime® include:

Outlook Timesheet Enhancements

If you use Outlook and need to enter timesheets, imagine the time you’d save if you could turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.

The good news is not only that you can, but with the latest version of OutlookTime® turning Outlook appointments into timesheets is even easier and even faster.

How to turn Outlook appointments into Timesheets

Outlook appointments already hold 90% of the information needed for a timesheet: the date, start/end time, duration, subject, location & notes. Rather than entering all this information again, OutlookTime® users simply add customer / project details to their appointments, then post them to their timesheet.

Users Love OutlookTime®

OutlookTime® is really simple, really easy, really fast and users love it. They love it because it takes the chore out of timesheet entry. Customers tell us that OutlookTime® saves their employees around 2 hours a week and is more than 10 times faster than their previous system.

No matter which version of Outlook you use, PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet, OutlookTime® can turn appointments into timesheets in seconds. There is even an Outlook plugin for Outlook for Windows desktop users that brings OutlookTime® functionality right into Outlook itself§.

If your organization uses Outlook and needs to track timesheets, a OutlookTime® can save your users time, increase timesheet accuracy and reporting. If you are using timesheets for billing, OutlookTime® can also decrease delays in billing and increase cashflow.

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† Customers report a reduction in timesheet entry time from an average of 2:15 per week with their prior system to just 9 minutes with OutlookTime®. A saving of 2:06 per week or 1 day a month, and clocking OutlookTime® at 15 times faster that any other system.
‡ OutlookTime® is designed for teams of users, not individual users
§ OutlookTime® supports PC & Mac users turning appointments made on any device into timesheets. The Outlook plugin is an advanced option that is currently only available to Outlook desktop on Windows..