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Our new Outlook scheduling plugin brings company resource scheduling features to Outlook, and works with Whitespace®, our resource scheduling software, and our new Outlook Optics™ group calendar and resource scheduling system for Outlook. The plugin can also add timesheet entry features to Outlook when used in conjunction with one of our timesheet solutions.

The new Outlook plugin runs within Outlook and allows companies to add new fields to Outlook appointments, fields which are important to their business. For example: customer, project, task, type of work etc.

You can add any information that needs to be captured, displayed, or used in analytics and reporting on Outlook appointments.

Outlook scheduling plugin within Outlook

Timewatch’s Outlook scheduling plugin adds new fields and facilities to Outlook appointments.

Easy to deploy

Once installed, the plugin is automatically deployed to end users across your business or organization. Your IT team will love this as there isn’t anything for users to do, nothing to download and install, nothing for them to get wrong, and no IT support as everything is automated. Your IT team installs the app centrally via the Microsoft Office 365 admin center, and it is then automatically added to end users’ Outlook menu.

Works with all desktop versions of Outlook

The plugin works with all desktop versions of Outlook on PC, Mac and Outlook for the Web.

What are the benefits of using the Outlook scheduling plugin?

Using the Outlook plugin with Outlook Optics™, Whitespace® or Time&Space® enhances the Outlook experience for everyone – users, administrators and managers alike:

  • Users see details of centrally scheduled events in Outlook – no need to access another app
  • Important events can be protected, stops them from being accidentally edited or deleted
  • Full appointment details are visible in Outlook (without the plugin only the Subject is visible in Outlook)
  • Configurable group calendar views
  • Users allocate customers, projects, tasks, types of work, etc. within Outlook
  • There is no need for users to log into or learn another system
  • Employees can self-schedule, and companies get the scheduling information they need
  • Auto alerts can remind employees of appointments with missing information
  • Easy to use, easy to deploy
  • Does not change the way people use Outlook

New fields visible in Outlook

Outlook appointment

New fields your organization adds to Outlook are visible in the Outlook calendar – Outlook doesn’t do this!

How does the new Timewatch scheduling plugin for Outlook work?

The new Outlook plugin is one of the new breed of Microsoft Office Integrated apps, which is installed once centrally via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Microsoft and Timewatch take care of everything – end-user installation, updates, new versions, etc. Administrators enable employees, and the plugin is automatically added to employees’ menus. Once installed, employees create and manage appointments as they normally do, but now have additional features within Outlook:

  • Outlook appointments are enhanced with new features
  • Add customers, projects, grants, tasks, etc., to appointments
  • Fields are customizable to the business
  • New appointment types are available to define the type of work: consultancy, training, vacation, sickness, etc.
  • There’s no change in the way people use Outlook
  • There’s nothing new for users to have to log into or learn
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Simple centralized deployment

New Outlook calendar views available

With Timewatch’s Outlook scheduling plugin, businesses can define the fields they use to detail and categorize the work people do. In our examples we have created fields called: Customer, Project, Task and Booking Type (type of work), but each business can define their own fields.

In the following example we show a group calendar view using the five Outlook appointment types and colors, and a group calendar views color coded using the type of appointment types customers typically setup.

Advanced Outlook group calendar view Outlook group calendar view with enhanced appointment types

The Outlook appointment types / colors above are: Busy, Tentative, Out of office and Working elsewhere. They tell you nothing about what  work people are doing.

When you configure your appointment types and colors, Outlook comes alive.

This example uses: Consultancy, Customer meeting, Training, Vacation.

Note how Vacation leaps off the page once you know the color.

Who is Timewatch?

Timewatch are specialists in professional services timesheet solutions as well as resource scheduling and professional services automation software.  Our unique SP is that our solutions are designed to be customized to each organization’s specific requirements, but retain a single codebase so that customers can always upgrade to new releases.

Timewatch provides the perfect blend of a bespoke / customized solution with all the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution.  Timewatch is ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, we provide public cloud, private cloud and on-premises solutions.

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