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Outlook Journal Time Tracking Replacement

If your business uses Outlook and needs to track timesheets, our Outlook Journal time tracking replacement system turns Outlook appointments into an Office 365 timesheet on PC, Mac and the web. Users can finally post meetings and appointments directly to their timesheet.

Why Timewatch and Microsoft Outlook is the perfect combination for time tracking

The past year has seen communication and collaborative platforms change the way we work. Whether we are working remotely, logging in from home, returning to the office, or a mixture of these, most businesses have had to rethink how they keep track of work and employee project time.

Timewatch has experienced increased interest from organizations wanting to use Outlook appointment data to create weekly timesheets, and specifically asking about how our solution works compared to Outlook Journal time tracking. Simply put, our Microsoft Outlook timesheet seamlessly integrates with Outlook to allows users to turn meetings and appointments into timesheets.

There is no duplication of effort. Employees save hours each week from re-entering data already in Outlook or Teams into their timesheet, and using data that already exists and is known to be correct, increases timesheet accuracy. Outlook Timesheets saves time, increases timesheet accuracy, and increases the effective working hours per day. A win-win-win.

The power of collaboration: Outlook timesheets

A key feature of Outlook (and Teams) is their power as a collaborative platform. With Timewatch timesheets linking directly to MS-Outlook and Teams, each team member helps others complete their timesheet. When someone creates a meeting, all attendees also have that meeting in their calendar ready to post to their timesheet – which makes for incredibly easy timesheet entry.

If a co-worker arranges an online meeting with a user and a customer all the user has to do is simply click into their timesheet after the meeting and click to confirm. Boom!

Office 365 timesheet

Users can also add any notes that may apply and adjust any times if required. It’s simple and easy. Compare that process to manually creating timesheet entries for each appointment or meeting, and you’ll soon see how Timewatch’s Outlook timesheet saves people hours each week and increases the accuracy of their timesheets at the same time.

The techy bit – what about Outlook journal time tracking?

Outlook journals is an old technology that was deprecated some time ago as it logged every single transaction in Microsoft Office and degraded performance. With the advent of Office 365 and our interconnected cloud world, unsurprisingly Microsoft discarded the journal feature.

Timewatch replaced the journal timesheet technology with a more intelligent, high-performance system that utilizes Outlook and Teams data in the same secure way as Microsoft mobile apps do. Our OutlookTime® system combines timesheet data and Outlook/Teams data on one screen to create the perfect Office 365 time tracking app. This allows users to see their timesheet, and what is in their calendar at the same time, and turn their Outlook appointments into timesheets at the click of a button. Our Outlook timesheet improves on the older Outlook journal time recording technology, making it faster, more reliable, more secure, and more accurate.

A timesheet that enters data from Outlook with a few clicks

“Timesheets traditionally look like a spreadsheet, which requires users to manually detail the work they’ve done, when they did it, how long it took, and when they started,” says Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright. “Time tracking in this format is laborious and, for most people, definitely not the highlight of their workweek. Now, for people using Microsoft Office, and Teams, their calendar entries can be posted to their timesheet with just a few clicks. It’s the simplest and easiest timesheet possible.”

Now that is what we can really call teamwork.

Outlook timesheet reporting

With Outlook data consolidated across an organization, it is available for, valuing by employee, project and/or customer, reporting and even billing.

No matter how simple or complex your reporting an analytical requirements, Timewatch systems can deliver. You can view and analyze your timesheet data utilizing our library of standard reports and our interactive dashboards, which you can customize with our report writer.

Reporting is unconstrained, however much detail you need or however you wish to export your findings, our software can assist and give you instant visibility across your most valuable information.

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