Outlook Optics™ brings new company calendaring features to Outlook

Outlook Optics™ is perfect for businesses that use Outlook as their calendar software but want the advanced features normally only available in a corporate resource scheduling system.

With Outlook Optics™ you get better visuals of company, group or team calendars, can organize people, teams, resources and activities, schedule work, manage availability, share calendars with enhanced security, analyze utilization, productivity and get much needed Outlook reporting and analytics.

If your organization wants to improve the management, scheduling, reporting or analytics of employee calendars but you are not quite ready to scale up to a full-blown resource scheduling system, Outlook Optics™ is for you.

Outlook Group Calendar Compared Advanced Outlook group calendar view

Outlook Optics™ brings clarity to Outlook group calendar views. Move the slider above to compare an Outlook view of four calendars over 1 week with an Optics™ view of seven Outlook calendars over two weeks. Even with nearly four times the data it is easier to comprehend employee Outlook calendars with Outlook Optics™.

Optics™ is scalable and configurable. Your business can start with the basics and add more features as needed. For example, you may want to start with better group calendar views and reporting, then later find you want to add new appointment types to Outlook to better categorize tasks or analyze productivity by a single employee, a team, or core skills. Users may wish to add new fields that specify which customer or project an appointment is allocated to.

Outlook Optics™ can do all this for you.

Create targeted views to focus on specific items 

Outlook Optics™ can also create and save targeted views to assist with data analysis. Need to know which employees have upcoming vacations? Need to know which employees have put in vacation requests? Need to understand who has taken sick time? Do you want to see everyone with future work booked for a specific customer?

Outlook Optics™ can help with that. The capabilities are endless.

Targeted views makes it easy to see specific activities, anything from: vacation or sickness to various types of work such as consultancy, design, training (whatever types you define). Work by customer or project or any type of work you want can be highlighted.

Outlook Optics™ helps everyone be at the right place at the right time

Outlook Optics™ provides clarity of employee commitments and availability, the ability to group employees by office, team, or skill. It gives clarity on any categorization your company needs, and provides the ability to manage multiple employee calendars centrally. There are even late change notifications to alert users that a late change has been made to their calendar. That will stop your staff wasting their time and ensure everyone is where they need to be at the right time.

Analyze employee and team productivity

Employee calendars provide the basis for analytics such as employee, team, office or group productivity, utilization, capacity and availability. Companies find accessing this data from Outlook so difficult and time consuming we made sure with Outlook Optics™ it could be accessed at the click of a button – with specific views for each of these metrics.

Outlook Optics™ utilization view shows real-time analysis of employee productive time vs total available time.

From small business to enterprises and those who are not quite ready to commit

Outlook Optics™ provides group calendar views and reporting, but customers can expand their system with enhanced features including more view styles, new Outlook appointment fields, expanded analytics and scheduling features normally only available in resource scheduling systems. There’s also an Outlook plugin that enhances Outlook to let users see and allocate the new fields your company adds to Outlook, eg. appointment type of work, customer, project etc.

Outlook Optics™ starts with the simple Express edition, which is ideal for businesses as small as 10 people. The next step up is the Essentials eddition which adds more views and utilization and productivity analytics. With the Pro edition you can add new fields to appointments such as customer, project and new appointment types / type of work (you define these) which can then be used in reporting and analytics. Pro also adds the end user Outlook plugin allowing end users to allocate customer, project and type of work to appointments within Outlook. The Corporate and Enterprise editions add full scalability and security features larger organizations demand.

Optics™ is perfect for any organization that wants more from Outlook without having to implement a full blown resource scheduling system. You can start small and simple with the Express edition, and upgrade as your needs change. And if you ever need a full blown resource scheduling system, we have that too in Whitespace®, which you can upgrade to from Outlook Optics™.

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