New Sage Timesheet

How do Sage Tiimesheets work? New Sage Timesheet system for the Sage Business Cloud. Our latest financials interface provides a fully integrated Sage timesheetsystem to deliver seamless time tracking for Sage One and time tracking for the Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Why Timewatch time and billing systems are the best options for Sage Business Cloud accounting

How do you add timesheets in Sage? If your business is looking for a cost effective accounting system and you also need timesheets or timesheet billing then we have the perfect solution for you.

Timewatch time and billing systems already link with QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage 200, Xero and Dynamics GP accounting systems. Now, Sage Business Cloud has joined our family.

Sage Business Cloud is an amazing cost effective cloud accounting system. It ticks all the right boxes for small businesses with easy billing and bill payments. What it doesn’t do is time recording, billing or professional services automation. But now you can seamlessly integrate our Sage timesheet and Sage time billing systems with Sage Business Cloud – as seamlessly as if Sage had written the system themselves.

Sage is a reputable accounting system from a reputable company. Timewatch is a time and billing specialist. We have been linking with Sage products for 20 years and now you can use Sage Business Cloud for your accounting and let us manage your timesheets and project billing. It’s the best of both worlds and a perfect marriage.

“There are lots of systems out there that profess to be timesheet recording, billing and accounting systems but our new app gives timesheet and billing users an opportunity to use one of the best accounting systems in the world” says Phil Jones, Timewatch Product Specialist. “Additionally,Sage users get seamless timesheet entry, and can even use our Outlook timesheet system, that turns Outlook appointments into timesheets”.

How does the Sage Timesheet work?

The integration is seamless. There is no extra step. As a user creates customers in one system they are available in the other system. Timewatch automatically shares customers that you are using in Sage Business Cloud and vice versa.

“As you update transactions they go from one system to the other,” says Jones.

Does Sage have time tracking? “If your business uses Sage Business Cloud you can use our fully integrated time tracking product as if it is a product that has come from Sage. This is a solution that makes end users as happy as your company’s administrators.”

  • Timewatch turns timesheets into invoices.
  • When you raise an invoice, Timewatch posts it data directly to Sage Business Cloud.
  • When the invoice is paid it is marked within Sage.
  • The invoice is also visible within Timewatch which will show how much time was billed, when a bill is paid, and which bills are outstanding.

“It is quite extraordinary”: A win for everybody

“This development expands the use of Sage for businesses that use timesheets, time and billing or professional automation services,” explains Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright. “With our cloud push integration, it’s as seamless as if Sage had written it themselves.

“Every single person who has used our timesheet systems says that their process has gone from hours each week to minutes or seconds. It is quite extraordinary. Using Timewatch systems frees up a huge amount of time.

“Customers tell us they save a couple of hours each week compared to other systems. That’s the equivalent of investing a cup of coffee a week to get an extra working day each month!

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