Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MyHealth Access Network links more than 4,000 health providers and their patients to a state-wide health information system. The idea is simple: if you’ve ever had to fill out the same form several times, or new forms with the same information, you’ve experienced the need for information sharing between doctors.

Patients may see several different physicians besides their primary care provider and different sets of medical records for the same patient can be found in different offices. This is where MyHealth Access Network steps up.

“We take your medical records and put it in a central location so that doctors can access your full medical records no matter what health system you go to,” explains Lance Butler, MyHealth Access Network’s Project Manager, who directs the organization’s grants.

The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is also focused on building and strengthening local health IT infrastructure and exploring innovative approaches to improve healthcare and healthcare cost.

The community-wide health information system helps healthcare providers better monitor and improve care to:

  • Reduce health care costs associated with redundant testing, hospital admissions,and emergency department visits
  • Improve care coordination during transitions between health care settings
  • Improve patients’ experience and ability to take control of their own health
  • Improve quality care for the state of Oklahoma and its nearly 4 million patients
  • Bring community leaders and organizations together to utilize health information in meaningful ways to improve community care

As part of the Oklahoma Route 66 Coalition, MyHealth Access Network is a co-beneficiary of a $4.5 million grant used to screen 75,000 Oklahomans each year for social needs to create what is termed an Accountable Health Community. The idea is that addressing social issues can improve community health.

“We screen patients for social needs and provide them a list of resources they can access,” Butler explains. “For example, if we identify a food need we can provide people with a list of food pantries that are close to them and how to access them.”

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