Capacity Scheduling Improves Business Efficiency

Does your business need to hire more staff or do you need to get more business efficiency from your existing employees?

Those are two problems that Timewatch solves for its customers. What is an example of efficiency in business? Our job is to give you the data to make your business more efficient, take away the stress from upsize or downsize decisions, and give you the right information to make scaling your business a breeze.

One Timewatch customer is a multinational organization that focuses on providing businesses around the world with intelligence, technology, and human expertise to, in turn, help those companies make better decisions.

With that organization as a client, it means we need to offer, deliver, and maintain a best-in-practice service.

We help this organization – which has close to 50,000 employees in over 100 countries – train its customers to use its own technology and that’s why it uses our WhiteSpace® software to schedule training sessions with customers.

Timewatch offers a total customized software option for your business

Capacity Scheduling helps improve business efficiency

To further make its sometimes complicated scheduling processes more efficient, we customized our platform to allow the company’s own customers to log in through a portal and directly schedule training sessions.

For in-house schedulers, WhiteSpace® provides the ability to view multiple resources simultaneously. A scheduler can see which resources are doing what, where, and when. Resources can also be grouped by skill, type, location, and timezone.

It ensures searching for the “best resource for the job” is simple, quick, and efficient.

Timewatch software improves your business efficiency

Improved business efficiency through better capacity scheudling

How can efficiency be improved? In the real world, this means that your training staff is deployed more efficiently and your human resources are better managed. Better use of your existing human capital means your business does not necessarily need to make new hires to successfully meet your current and future business demands.

WhiteSpace® is available as a cloud product (which we recommend for all our software) or on-premise. It can be fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook calendars.

WhiteSpace® also forms the scheduling engine of Time&Space®, our complete professional services automation solution.

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