Timewatch has customers across many different industries:

  •  Training
  • Healthcare
  • Consultancies
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • IT
  • Financial Services
  • Airline
  • Architecture
  • Engineering

When we speak with our customers we like to hear the challenges they face and then help them make their business more efficient. It’s a bit like being a therapist – a client has something in their life they want to improve; we help them identify the issues; we then help fix those issues.
Five business challenges solved
When our team speaks with consultants and people in the consultancy business – an industry that is itself built on improving efficiency for organizations – many challenges come up again and again. Here’s how we fix those problems and make business more efficient and productive for everyone.

1· “We have big problems with inaccurate billing and need to fix it now.”

How we fix this: Most time tracking and billing systems limit you to a handful of rates, forcing you to compromise on how you value time and charge customers. On the other hand, our system supports unlimited rates by any combination of employee, project, customers, type of work, role, or date. Rates can be stored to six decimal places to cater for any rating period. We also support multi-currency rates.

2· “We often don’t know where all our staff is – that makes scheduling very complicated.”

How we fix this: In addition to specifying the resource(s) to be scheduled, our system supports resource scheduling by the attributes required: skill, location, language, time zone, proximity, availability, etc. The system will then recommend resources that match the criteria.

Editing calendars is simple and easy, too: drag and drop bookings, copy, or extend single or multiple bookings, you can even link multiple bookings for multiple resources together and manage them as a group.

3· “We have hundreds of spreadsheets and none of them are linked.”

How we fix this: We believe that if you enter data, you should be able to view it however you want, quickly and easily. As a standard, all of our products include traditional reporting via a library of reports that feature export to Excel, Word, PDF, and email. Also available are our unique drill-down reporting tools, dashboards, auto alerts, and custom reporting options.

4· “Only one person at our company knows how it all works.”

How we fix this: Timewatch® products include a host of self-learning tools to allow customers to learn and implement our solutions themselves. We also provide services such as training, implementation, consultancy, and customization when required. Everyone in your company should know how to use our systems. It’s that easy to use.

5. “People complain about how long it takes to fill in a timesheet and don’t fill them in.”

It’s so simple and fast to fill in our timesheets, no training is required.