How to use Google Calendars for your timesheet, and increase timesheet accuracy and efficiency

If you use Google calendars and need to enter timesheets, you’ve probably already wondered why you can’t use the data in your Google calendar in your timesheet. Well, now you can.

With Timewatch® you can prefill your timesheet from your google calendar. Google appointments already hold the date, start and end time, duration, subject, location & notes. This information is automatically added to your timesheet as a draft entry. Our system lets you add any other information you need for your timesheet. Information such as customer, project or work done. Google timesheet makes time tracking faster, easier and more accurate as it uses data already in your Google calendar.

If your organization uses Google calendars, has more than 5 employees and needs to track time or enter timesheets, you need to take a look at Timewatch®.

The image to the right shows the Google calendar that is used to prefill the timesheet in the next image

Google Calendar Timesheet Template

How to Sync Google Calendar with a Timesheet

Timewatch’s timesheet can be viewed in a traditional spreadsheet-style, or in calendar format, which as shown below include Google appointments. Timesheet entries colored blue (Crestmont Industries – 3:30) show time manually added to the timesheet, whereas the green and red Google items have come from the Google calendar.

Google appointments prefill the timesheet ready for entry and are shown in green and red.

The green items are Google appointments that have a customer/project allocated. The red items show appointments that do not have a customer/project allocated yet.

Google Calendar Timesheet

This timesheet has been prefilled with appointments from Google. Here users can add a Customer / Project, ignore it, or add it to their timesheet. It’s easy, it takes seconds, but saves employees hours each week.

To add a Google appointment to the timesheet, users simply click on a  appointment add a customer/project if needed, amend the hours to post if they wish, then click ‘Add to timesheet’. That’s it! Rapid timesheet entry. Once added, the appointment turns blue and the value of time is added to the daily total.

How do you create a timesheet on Google?

Timewatch’s Google timesheet is really simple, really easy, really fast and users love it

Why? Because prefilling timesheets with data already in Google Calendars saves employees around two hours a week. It also increases the accuracy of timesheets and increases staff moral as lets face it, timesheet entry is no one’s favorite thing. Timewatch takes the chore out of timesheet entry and gives employees more time to do their job, and if their job is chargeable, increases revenue.

How a Google timesheet increases weekly timesheet accuracy

Not all of the appointments in Google calendars are needed to prefill timesheets, so Timewatch® lets employees add items they want, and ignore the ones they don’t. Many users typically complete their timesheet at the end of the week and flick back manually through notes and their calendar to remember what they have worked on, and often miss things out. Whereas with a calendar timesheet, users are prompted with entries from their own calendar. Nothing is left to chance, which increases timesheet accuracy as well as saving time and increasing employee productivity

Timewatch® provides powerful consolidated weekly timesheet reporting, and not only saves timesheet users one to two days a month, its streamlined administration and management tools as well as powerful reporting saves administrators, managers and business leaders time as well.

No IT headaches – our Google timesheet makes perfect sense

Does Google have a timesheet app? Google and Timewatch® are both cloud applications. There’s nothing to download and install, no Apps to integrate or plugin, the systems seamlessly link with each other.

Appointments in Google automatically prefill the timesheet, combining timesheet data in Timewatch® with the appointments in Google that are available to add to the timesheet. Users simply click on a Google appointment to allocate a customer/project to add it to their timesheet. Appointments already hold most of the information needed for a timesheet entry: the date, start and end time, duration, subject, location and notes. By using this data rather than re-entering it all again, Timewatch® saves users valuable time.

No matter which Google calendar you use: PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet, Timewatch® can turn appointments into timesheets in seconds.

If your organization uses Google and needs to track timesheets, Timewatch® can save your employees time, increase timesheet accuracy and reporting. If you are using timesheets for billing, our Time®&Money system can help. It has all of the same timesheet features as Timewatch®, but with added charge-rate valuation, billing, billing approval and financial integration systems.

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