Logging business expenses can be laborious and complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are collecting pieces of paper, spending time logging costs, or wasting minutes and hours remembering names and dates, you should read on.

 Log expenses on the device you use: PC, Mac, Phone, or Tablet

An easy, friendly, straightforward expenses entry system should support PCs and mobile devices including iPhone 4-6, iPad, Android & Windows phones, and tablets.

Manager approval should be simple and stress-free


To approve expenses, managers should be able to review, approve, hold, reject and disallow employee expenses with a simple click. A system that has auto alerts will also let managers know when there are expenses to approve and employees know when expenses have been rejected or when they have items waiting to be submitted.

Receipts don’t have to pile up

The best expenses system lets you take a photo of a receipt from your phone, tablet, or PC webcam and turn it into an expense claim. So, whether employees are entertaining a customer, filling up with gas, or catching a train, they can snap a receipt and log the expense wherever they are.

A good business expense system should be multi-currency


Foreign currency expenses can be complex and confusing for employees. It wastes a lot of time. A good system knows your business is spread over several markets and currency conversion should be simple.  A good system allows users to enter foreign currency expenses simply and easily.

Claiming business expenses should be fast, streamlined, and easy to do

A fully responsive system adapts to a user’s preferred device. Business expense entry can be super easy on traditional PCs & Macs while mobile users should be able to take advantage of their own touch devices: swipe to view different days or weeks, tap to view or amend an expense, take a photo with the inbuilt camera and attach it as a receipt! It should be that easy.

A good expenses system should be perfect on all devices


Timewatch mobile timesheet apps were built from the ground up to take full advantage of touch screens, swipe gestures, and online connectivity. We think all timesheets and expense claim systems should be as good as ours.

Gone are boring data grids and endless lists like many of our competitors use. Instead, touch-sensitive charts and graphs allow users to query and enter data at the tap of a finger.

Our mobile apps are fully responsive in that they adapt perfectly for all screen sizes on iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets.