Timewatch scheduling solutions helps NextGen schedule trainers to keep healthcare providers at the top of their game.

How Timewatch scheduling systems help NextGen keep Healthcare Providers trained in the Current Crisis

Leaders stand up during times of crisis, and NextGen Healthcare –  a Timewatch customer for 15 years – is no exception. The US-based company provides software for doctor and dental offices as well as the broader medical community. In the current healthcare crisis, it is also providing telehealth services for doctors and their patients.

“Next Gen provides a platform that manages everything to do with a visit to the doctor,”

explains Karen Bollinger, VP of Business Applications for Nextgen Healthcare. “Scheduling the visit, the integrations for all the machines you use and bringing it back to your health record, communicating with labs, and billing. We look after every piece of your health visit.”

A Big Industry Needs Specialist Scheduling and Resource Attention

Implementing NextGen software can take up to nine months, with the company providing new customers with training online and in-person from the company’s experts.

“The medical community is very broad,” explains Bollinger. “You have people specializing in different types of medical practice – cardiologists have a very different practice to an ophthalmologist or a pediatrician – so the training we provide has to be tailored.”

Scheduling NextGen’s training team requires multiple layers of complexity. A trainer must be available but also the right trainer – with the appropriate knowledge of the customer’s requirements – must be available. Enter Timewatch with our scheduling and resource management products.

“We started off using Timewatch’s Wallchart product for scheduling because we need to know what trainer was available depending on what their particular skill set is,” says Bollinger. “We used Wallchart for many years but recently upgraded to the cloud-based Whitespace product.”

A Business Does Due Diligence and Decides Timewatch Products Are the Best Option

As all diligent businesses should, NextGen completed in-depth analysis of upgrading from Timewatch’s Windows Client-Server based Wallchart system. The results saw a resounding advantage in shifting to a cloud-based product. However, NextGen took its analysis to the next level and investigated what other cloud-based scheduling and resource products were available.

“We looked around at other products and many packages,” says Bollinger. “We always came back to the base functionality in Whitespace and Wallchart – the easy color-coding, being able to see skill sets and appointments in a simple visual way, and being able to have appointments interact with Outlook was key for us too.”

Timewatch looks forward to working with longtime customer NextGen for the next 15 years and continue to build a relationship over the following decades. We’re also pleased to be able to assist our customers in helping frontline medical staff in the current healthcare crisis.