How Timewatch Helped a Consulting Giant Run Its Business Better With The Best Timesheet & Time Recording Software

Charles Taylor Consulting is a publicly-listed company with headquarters in London. The company has offices in 69 locations across 28 countries and employs more than 1300 people providing consultancy and management services to various industry sectors including the transportation, energy, maritime, and aviation industries.

It’s a big operation with a lot of staff across many timezones.

The company’s consultants travel frequently to assess incidents and conduct site surveys on behalf of insurance companies and need to record how they spend their time to ensure accurate reporting on billing and fees.

“We were looking for time recording software that would enable a transparent link into our accounting system,” said Gordon Groves, Group IT Systems Director.

To meet its needs, Charles Taylor Consulting needed the best timesheet and a time recording system that:

  • Managed multiple currencies
  • Was easy for users to enter data
  • Could handle remote communication with mobile staff
  • Could easily support 600 users

Timewatch met all the requirements and could also provide Charles Taylor Consulting with personalization to suit the company’s exact operational requirements. † Learn More

“Users have all taken to the software very well,” said Gordon Groves, who liaised with Timewatch staff to implement our system.

“Our consultants like the fact they can pick up their cases on the road and send timesheets by email each week.”

Also important is how Timewatch presents data. Charles Taylor Consulting was able to implement accurate reporting that can be matched against targets.

“The graphical presentation has much more impact than figures and has been very well accepted,” said Gordon Groves. “It could be disastrous if we could not see our business clearly.”

“The whole point is to run our business better. We now have a common package across the group that meets the company’s requirements 100 percent.”