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Why your resource scheduler is important to your business

When a consultancy company takes on a new project it needs to deploy staff to get the job done. This usually requires a number of different specialists with different skills to execute the project: a designer, a project manager, a trainer, an engineer (as examples).

Many organizations have designated schedulers to organize these logistics. A scheduler is a specialist within the company who knows the available staff and resources that can be allocated for a project. It can be a complicated job. The scheduler has to be able to put together a team with the right skills and required resources to complete the project to the satisfaction of the customer.

The resource scheduler is a critical part of your business

Resource scheduling

What are the types of resource scheduling methods? The best schedulers often know the skills of up to 150 staff. They know who has worked on similar projects and who is the best choice for an upcoming task. Understandably, a skilled scheduler is an invaluable part of your organization’s institutional knowledge. Treat them like gold. You learn how valuable a good scheduler is when they are out sick or taking annual vacation. All that amazing knowledge goes missing.

To coordinate projects, good schedulers will often use a combination of spreadsheets, whiteboards, meetings, memory, emails, calendars and notes. From the outside, this can appear chaotic. It can be chaotic from the inside, too, no matter how good your scheduler is. That’s a problem, particularly when workload is high or when the scheduler is sick or on vacation.

What is a resource scheduling system?

On the other hand, a Timewatch® scheduling system turns that chaos into organization. Everyone loves organization. All the required information to make good resource scheduling decisions is laid out in front of the scheduler with easy-to-understand schedules, graphics, statistics. Better decisions are made. Money is saved. You scheduler has all the company’s projects under control. A happy scheduler equals happy staff which means better performance. This means happier customers. Importantly, institutional knowledge is also in the system – not in someone’s head. Everybody wins.

Which software is used for allocating resources and scheduling?

Reasons why the Timewatch resource scheduling system is the best option for your company:

Resource scheduling

  • It takes bookings made in our system and publishes them in Outlook, Office 365, Exchange, and Google.
  • It links to your phone or tablet.
  • People can have all the information they need in their personal calendars.

Our resource scheduling software provides an organization-wide calendar that syncs with your staff’s personal calendar so everyone knows what is going on and who is responsible for what.

After all, communication is a key for success.