Android Apps on Microsoft 950XL Windows Phone?

Microsoft launched a long list of new devices in New York City on Tuesday. In addition to the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book – a planned rival to Apple’s MacBook Pro – were three new Lumia phones.

Fantastic tech, but will they go anywhere? The issue for Microsoft is not the phones – they are superb. It’s not the operating system – that, too, is superb and now years ahead of Apple and Google.

The issue is the apps.

Microsoft is too far behind.

What Microsoft needs to do is ‘a deal with the Devil’.

The company needs to do a deal with Google to put Google Play on Windows Phones so that Windows phone users can run Android apps.

This will make the Windows phone the most app friendly phone on the planet.

It will also give Google even more Google Play users and win-win for both companies.

Whether it will happen, however, is another question.