How to get employees to fill out timesheets at home

Getting people to fill out timesheets can be a challenge. Employees often say that filling out timesheets is a chore and wastes time. It’s not fun. It can, however, be easier than you may be doing it at the moment.

Finally, something we can all agree on: completing timesheets is a chore. Filling them out is an administrative duty that takes time. It’s not fun. It can, however, be easier than you may be doing it at the moment.

1. Make your timesheet SIMPLE to use

How do you fill out a timesheet? The way to get everyone to do it is: don’t over complicate timesheet entry with too many codes or rules. Use a system that works for the data you need and the data your people have.

2. Make your timesheet EASY to manage

Use tools that help the user track time. Make the most of the data already in Outlook or Google calendar to create timesheets. If you schedule people, use their calendars to create their timesheets.

3. Make your timesheet FAST to finish

Employees appreciate it when their employer makes an effort to save them time. How much time is saved with your current timesheet? Saving employee time saves your business money and releases valuable time to work on productive tasks.

4. Let users fill out timesheets their way

How do you fill timesheet hours? Well, everyone is different, so allow users to fill out timesheets in whichever ways work best for them. Some people like to enter a daily timesheet, some prefer a weekly timesheet, but your organization may require timesheets to be posted weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, via outlook, via timers, anything that works.

5. Use timesheet automation to save time

Automation saves time. Pre-booked vacations, sick time, time spent working in a support system, appointments in Outlook, or even schedules that have already had customer/project details allocated can all be automated. Other automation options can include reminders via email or Microsoft Teams to minimize late or missing timesheets. Sending managers automated reminders to approve timesheets can also speed up the process.

6. Make your timesheet system work for you

Many systems require users to make decisions about the time they enter. For example, they have to decide whether something is chargeable or not, how much time to charge, which rate to use, or specify which items are overtime. The list can go on and on. Get a timesheet that can do this work for you by defining the rules or procedures you use.

7. Make reporting logical and easy to complete

Too many organizations over-analyze and break the ‘Make it Simple,’ ‘Make it Easy’ and ‘Make it Fast’ rules. Streamlined timesheet entry makes reporting easy too. With a customized system, you can create logical hierarchy categories for users to allocate time and projects. It streamlines timesheet entry and makes reporting easy too.

8. Sometimes rules don’t work, so have the flexibility to break them

You may want people to enter a set number of hours per day or week, but forcing them to follow strict rules can lead to problems. Sometimes rules don’t work. Warn users when they’re outside of expected parameters but let them carry on with logging accurate time. Users that allow unexpected circumstances to be logged accurately find that genuine issues with a project are resolved more quickly, timesheet accuracy is maintained, and clients trust the integrity of your timesheet process.

9. Timesheet data reporting should meet your needs

Why do we fill timesheets? To get the data we need to enhance productivity company-wide. Make sure you choose a system that allows you to create reports to match your organization’s needs perfectly. Using a system with limited reporting forces companies to adopt convoluted data entry methods so the canned reports can work. Your timesheet system should be able to fit your needs perfectly. Not the other way around.

10. Use a Timesheet system that meets your needs

Find a time management solution that saves your business time & money and helps your employees fill out their timesheets quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

It just so happens Timewatch timesheet and time tracking can do all this – and more.

In our next article we will explain exactly how we achieve this. If you can’t wait, use the form to the right and one of our product specialists will be happy to show you how we do this.

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