Engineer Time Tracking System Saves Time

Customer story detailing how Timewatch saved this Civil & Structural engineering firms improved engineers a day each month through streamlined engineer time tracking, and improved timesheet reporting and billing.

How Our Engineer Time Tracking System Saves Time

We’ve run stories in the past about how Timewatch timesheet and time tracking systems, particularly our Outlook timesheet can save employees time.

In this customer example, Cronin & Sutton saved engineers a day a month through improved engineer time tracking. That’s potentially an extra day’s billing each month, or an increase in billings of 5% at no extra cost†.

As one of their Directors explains, they looked at a few trials. They looked at Harvest and few other time tracking platforms like that but most of them didn’t facilitate projects the way Timewatch could. Cronin & Sutton trialed a number of different systems that were recommended online, but when they took advantage of a live demo from Timewatch, they found that Timewatch ticked a lot more boxes than any of the others did.

Timewatch Ticked More Boxes Than The Others

“All of our work is done by projects. We don’t do things by clients, we were looking for project-based timekeeping. We noticed that you could break projects down by Stage and you could also assign activities. The reporting was very good as well, and easy to manipulate in Excel. I really liked the drill-down reporting feature, you could easily drill down and create reports very quickly by just adding or removing columns to see what you wanted to see. We also needed billing – we use it to invoice – and I thought the invoicing was very straightforward. The templates were very straightforward there was nothing complicated about it.”

Engineer time tracking system saves time

How Timewatch Help Customers Evaluate Our Systems

One of Timewatch’s product specialists explain how we helped Cronin & Sutton learns more about our solutions by providing a number of live, interactive test drives, and demos with various members of staff. This is a common practice, we make sure customers have access to all of the resources they need to perform an investigation into our products. We believe that this demonstrates the quality of the services that we provide and puts us head and shoulders above other providers that let people try their software, but not their services.

The results of Cronin & Sutton’s implementation were immediate, it saved around a day each month for engineer time tracking, it saved over a day each month for administrators in reporting and billing and all in all, exceeded their expectations.

Read the full story here.

† The only cost is the difference in cost of the previous time tracking system and Timewatch. However, even at full cost, it is a tiny fraction of the chargeable value of an engineer’s daily rate. At typical values, the savings represent an 18,000% return on investment!

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