If business growth is a priority for your management team, an important factor in achieving that goal is employee efficiency.

When your staff can spend more time on actual meaningful tasks rather than inefficient administration then you will gain an advantage in leading business growth. It’s a total no-brainer.

Fact: Timewatch can make your business more efficient

Business growth with Timewatch software

“Timewatch products definitely do save time,” explains one customer. “Using our old system and doing things on spreadsheets would cost us two hours per week per person at least. Moving from the old system to the new Timewatch system saves time – maybe 30 minutes per person – on what we were using before.It saves them a huge amount of time from reporting and a time analysis point of view. It saves us about 10 hours per month on that side.”

Timewatch can help you know EXACTLY how much to bill customers – especially on long-term projects

How Timewatch helps with business growth

“A lot of our projects are four years in the making,” one Timewatch customer explains. “When you start off you can do an awful lot of work with high costs and only three or four years later do you know what you have been paid for it. Then we need to be able to work backwards to see how much time was spent on it. The time tracking element has proven to us to be very useful because it has given us insight to what we didn’t previously have.”

Using Excel to track time is the opposite of professional business growth

Business growth

“We were having someone – like a PA – go through a director’s Outlook calendar on a weekly basis scraping data out of it,” says another customer. “This meeting was for development, this meeting was for this project, this meeting was for that project, this one is internal. They then keyed that into an Excel spreadsheet which grew and grew. It was easy to make a mistake and easy for something to go into the wrong column or not go in when it should have done. If a member of staff leaves and a new PA doesn’t understand the process perfectly it can get very ugly.”

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