When a highly-respected global financial services provider needed help with timesheets and corporate reporting we met the challenge and earned their business.

This company has over 6000 staff in 60 offices around the world helping to manage USD$960 billion in assets. Meeting their timesheet and reporting requirements was a serious task that would prove a significant test for our software. The company had demanding corporate reporting needs that could not be met by traditional systems.

Create a customized solution to meet your business demands

Customized solution

Here’s where our Time&Space® product – a highly configurable timesheet and employee scheduling solution – met all their needs. Time&Space® is one unified solution that includes time and expense tracking, resource scheduling, capacity planning, project costing, billing, and enterprise intelligence reporting. Add customization and it proved to be perfect for our customer.

Time&Space® has flexible report writers and the ability to create unlimited custom fields. Our customer required 50 unique and custom fields to meet its reporting needs across several continents and often found it needed to update project and customer records as projects, customers, and local regulations evolved.

Although the reporting analysis requirements were met, managing the analysis data project-by-project was time-consuming and the organization approached us to see if we could help them find a way to streamline the management process.

Our designers suggested specifically customized options to allow company staff to choose a range of projects and a group of fields to edit.

A simple solution for a complicated business problem


The solution was simple with an elegant implementation. A new purpose-built form was added within the customer area which perfectly met this business’ requirements.

The customization was created as a plugin app, which offers the customer a perfect solution. It firstly solved their problem and, secondly, it looks and feels like part of the core product. The customer gets the best of both worlds – an off-the-shelf solution with regular updates but with custom functionality.

“Your product and your developers are truly the best”


And the response from our customer? “Your product and your developers are truly the best”.

Do you have a reporting, time tracking or scheduling business challenge that you need fixed? Contact us and we will meet your needs and provide you with a solution that perfectly fits your business.