Timewatch® has many customers that provide consulting services to businesses around the world. They are great customers to have as they are at the front line of solving business problems. When a consultancy has an issue it needs to fix we take great pride in helping them solve it.

When we speak with our customers we like to hear the challenges they face in the wider world and then help them make their business more efficient. The consultancy software industry is built on improving efficiency for organizations – many challenges come up again and again. So when we fix their problems, we know we have done a great job.

Here are some of the issues consultancy firms have told us they face and how we resolved the challenges with our consultant timesheet software systems and cloud timesheet systems, as well as consultant resource scheduling systems.

1. “Everybody complains they are overworked but we can’t show it.”

You’d be amazed at the horror stories we hear from customers about the reporting systems our products replace. Or, maybe you actually wouldn’t be. We believe if you enter data, you should be able to view it however you want. Apparently, that is not always the case. We’ve developed reporting systems that have evolved to be one of the most powerful features of Timewatch® products.

All of our products include traditional reporting tools with an additional library of reports and features to show how your employee and company’s time is being used. Users can export to Excel, Word, PDF, and email as a standard feature. There are also our unique drill-down reporting tools, dashboards, auto alerts, as well as our unique custom reporting options.

2. “Our consultants are located all over the place and need multiple data entry methods.”

Timewatch® consultant software runs in the cloud which means timesheet entry can be completed anywhere and on any device. Our cloud servers are secure and report zero downtime – something we are incredibly proud of.

Designed for speed and ease of use, our mobile apps are a beautiful fusion of reporting, analysis and data entry, all in one. Our designers replaced antiquated and slow grids and forms with interactive charts that are stunning in their simplicity and looks. Simply tap on a day in the week, tap to add time, swipe left or right to go back or forwards. It’s that easy

3. “Our business has its own quirks – our consultant software needs to be able to match our rules, procedures and worlflow”

We agree – we’re not the boss of you. Sometimes you can only go so far with out-of-the-box features. This is where Timewatch® systems excel. If you outgrow our off-the-shelf Essentials edition, our Professional edition allows for self-configuration with customizable fields, rules, and security. For those that need an even greater tailored solution, our Enterprise edition is configured to suit all your needs and even allows for custom forms, buttons, business processes, interfaces, and reports.

4. “Our schedulers need a centralized system so everyone knows what is happening at the same time.”

High visibility, high performance, and customizable views provide schedulers with everything they need, right at their fingertips. It all starts with a customizable platform that you configure to show the specific resources or groups you want to see. Color codes provide instant recognition about who is doing what and when. Real-time resource stats provide feedback on current and future availability to enable scheduling at a glance. It’s that easy. Your calendars can be seamlessly synced with Outlook and Google Calendars.

5. “We always have multiple conflicts all the time due to errors, double bookings, and mistakes.”

Not with Timewatch® systems. Unique to WhiteSpace® is our seamless, fully automated, two-way Outlook sync. Syncing Outlook calendars ensures everyone is on the same page – there are no embarrassing booking conflicts. Schedulers know that whatever they schedule will appear in a user’s Outlook calendar and they can see what users have booked in their own calendar. You can even extend our security model inside Outlook to stop users editing or deleting appointments – something Outlook itself cannot even do. Outlook sync is completely seamless to users. There is nothing to install in Outlook, and it supports all Outlook clients on PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone.