Today, most organizations are buying cloud computing software instead of software designed for PC or Mac.

Why? There are many reasons. With the cloud, there’s nothing to download, no device support issues, no IT department needed, no issues with compatibility, and no issues with upgrades. Good, reputable cloud software runs in a browser, so it should run run on PCs, Macs, Linux, Chromebook, phones, and tablets.


Business apps can be unsafe and compromise your company’s security

So, why do you use a system where employees download a mobile application for their phone and tablet and run it on their device? That’s an approach to business technology from the 1990s.

It is unsafe and compromises your company’s security. Do you really want corporate data such as customer lists, project Lists, company meetings, and appointments stored on all of your employees’ phones and tablets?


What is the best cloud solution?

At Timewatch, our cloud software is easy to use, saves time and is safe and securr. There is nothing to download to any device and it supports every device natively – just load up your browser, go to our website, and login. That’s it. There is no data stored on any device and cannot be compromised.

  • It’s secure as all data is stored in our secure cloud and all communications are encrypted
  • It’s easy to use as it works on all devices and you don’t need to worry about whether all employees are on the right version of iOS or Android or whether they’ve upgraded to the latest version of an app

If you are using a timesheet or an expenses or resource scheduling system that uses an app that needs to be downloaded from an app store, your organization’s data is at risk. We offer a better solution to that.