Secure Timesheet

Mobile Apps are a Security Risk

When research estimates that nearly 80% of mobile apps have been hacked, it’s time to consider the security risks of mobile devices and take steps to ensure secure timesheet entry.

Security in cloud software is extensive with SSL, SSO, data encryption, various standards and penetration testing commonplace. Mobile apps are These do not extend to mobile apps which are most often viewed as personal, not corporate.

Ease of use and price are most commonly cited as the highest considerations when researching timesheet solutions, but so too should security. Timesheets hold sensitive corporate and customer data, and aside from the legal and ethical issues, poor security risks the severe loss of goodwill and revenue.

Mobile apps store data on the local device, outside of the reach of the corporate security network. This architecture of a client application downloaded to a device is a thing of the past in the corporate desktop world, so why does it exist in the newer mobile eco-system?

A better approach for a secure timesheet is to use the exact same architecture for mobile as for desktop – secure web applications with SSL, SSO, data encryption etc. This is the approach recommended by independent security experts, and the approach Timewatch utilize for mobile applications.

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