Whitespace is a resource scheduling and reporting solution that is highly configurable and customizable. The solution supports a wide range of industry sectors that need to schedule physical and virtual resources including people, skills, equipment, vehicles, rooms, training courses etc.

How United Airlines Could Have Avoided a PR Disaster and Stock Price Crash Before Anyone Got To The Airport

The first rule every business should employ when facing a public relations crisis is to never employ a system in the first place that could later lead to major problems. Executives at United Airlines are learning this the hard way after a shocking video of an incident on United flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on April 9.

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How our Scheduling and Timesheet Systems Help Professional Training Organizations Be More Efficient

Training Workshop

Managing professional training services requires a high level of organizational skills. Juggling staff, skills, locations and venues, courses, and equipment is time consuming and costs your business money. We have fixed that to make running your business easier..

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