New, Updated Time®&Money

The forthcoming version of Time®&Money includes a range of new features and enhancements. New timesheet options, new improved reporting facilities, enhanced billing with support for Proforma Invoices, enhanced accounting system interfaces and new accounting system interfaces including Xero, Sage 50 and Sage 200.

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Outlook Timesheet Enhancements

Outlook appointments already hold most of the information needed for a timesheet. Now, at the click of a button, users can turn their appointments into timesheets. Customers tell us the system saves each and every user around 2 hours a week. That’s like spending the equivalent of a cup of coffee a week to save a day a month!

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Why businesses switch to Timewatch: Efficiency, business growth, competitive edge

Business Challenges Solved

“Timewatch products definitely do save time,” explains one customer. “Using our old system and doing things on spreadsheets would cost us two hours per week per person at least. Moving from the old system to the new Timewatch system saves time – maybe 30 minutes per person – on what we were using before.It saves them a huge amount of time from reporting and a time analysis point of view. It saves us about 10 hours per month on that side.”

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How to ensure business continuity during economic uncertainty

Business Continuity

After last year’s Brexit vote, many experts predicted the British economy would crash as a result of Britain announcing its intention to leave the EU and business continuity would be disrupted.

The best case scenario, it was predicted, would see a slow-down of Britain’s economy with the worst case scenario resembling something like the UK drifting off into the Atlantic never to be seen again.

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