Fast timesheet entry

It’s something we can all agree on – completing timesheets is a chore, but it is an important administrative duty for organizations that need to track time. The good news is that fast timesheet entry can be achieved with more efficient timesheet entry processes.

Make your timesheet EASY to manage. Use tools that help the user track time. For example, make the most of data already in other systems – if you use Outlook or Google calendars in your organization, let users use this data to create timesheets. Using existing data makes for fast timesheet entry.

Make timesheets FAST. Employees appreciate it when their employer tries to save them time. Integrate with other systems such as calendar (Outlook or Google), Teams, and/or scheduling systems that already hold data on work to be done. This data can save time if it can be posted to people’s timesheets.

4. Let users track time their way
Everyone is different, so allow users to track timesheets in whichever ways work best for them. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, via outlook, via timers, whatever works best for them. With a wide selection of time tracking tools, users tend to complete timesheets faster, and also makes for fast timesheet submission.

5. Use timesheet automation to save time
Automation saves time, helps employees get timesheet in on time, and more accurately. Certain items could be automatically added to employees’ timesheets. For example, sick and vacation booked in scheduling system, time spent working on support tickets, appointments in Outlook that have a project assigned could all be automated and save employees hours each week. Other automation facilities could include reminders via email or Microsoft Teams to minimize late or missing timesheets. Sending automated reminders to managers to approve timesheets can also streamline and create a fast timesheet entry process.

Simple, easy timesheet

Need a simple timesheet template, or an easy one?

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A simple timesheet template, or an easy one, which do you want? Let’s break this down. ‘Simple’ means, basic, limited in functionality, few if any rules, the same for everyone....
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