When technology consultant Alfredo Canonico of Better Technology Systems needed a business problem solved for his customer, he had to think outside of the box.

The client, a US-based strategic fundraising company that partners with nonprofits to raise millions of dollars for philanthropic causes, needed to reboot how it managed video conferencing, remote meetings, and group webinars.

To build out a new solution, Better Technology Systems advised its client that it should treat physical objects as resources: its phone and data lines needed to be reserved and booked just the same way employees or contractors need to be booked.

What to do?

Why Outlook Was Difficult to Use and WhiteSpace had the ‘Wow’ factor


“This company had been using an Outlook resource calendar but it was burdensome and difficult to manage,” explained Canonico. “You had to create all these resources and roles and it wasn’t a very polished solution that was nice to use.”

Using an online search, Canonico discovered Timewatch’s WhiteSpace resource scheduling software was a possible solution.

“There was definitely a ‘Wow’ factor when I found WhiteSpace,” says Canonico. “We were very impressed.”

Save Money for your Business by Managing Resources 


Better Technology Systems advised its customer to buy and deploy WhiteSpace and it has revolutionized how the business manages communication. The company now makes the best use of its employee’s time and its own infrastructure and resources.

“We saved this organization so much money because now that we have set up a new communication network they are no longer using complicated video conferencing technology,” Canonico explains.

“We put them on a new VOIP system and Timewatch and WhiteSpace came in when they had to manage those resources and further increase efficiency. The great thing about Whitespace was that it was highly customizable. That definitely made this project work for us. The implementation was excellent.”

Canonico said it was crucial for his business that third-party vendors provide the best service possible. Otherwise, if suppliers don’t deliver, his own company’s reputation can suffer.

“Our business should have the solutions that are right for the customer,” he says. “We want to use our expertise and our ability to speak to vendors and say that this solution has to work for me. That is how we determine who we partner with and that is why Timewatch and WhiteSpace are a perfect fit. If our partners are not in line with the way we want to support our customers then we have to find a vendor that is.”