A key element of the MyHealth Access Network mission is to reduce inefficiency and waste in healthcare delivery and coordinate care more effectively between providers. That means the Oklahoma-headquartered non-profit knows something about efficient systems and technology that makes business simpler and easier.

That explains why MyHealth Access Network chose Timewatch to provide its timekeeping systems.  

Custom billing categories that meet your needs

Custom billing categories: Timewatch products fit your timesheet requirements and end task duplication

“We were looking for a way to set up a master list of billing categories and came across Timewatch,” explains Lance Butler, Project Manager at MyHealth Access Network.

“But we put it aside because we didn’t think we were looking for timekeeping software. Then a few months after tracking our projects with Outlook Calendar we realized that we did need timekeeping software.

“We asked a couple of vendors what they used and they gave us some referrals but we went back to look at Timewatch and saw that it did exactly what we were trying to do with the master category list, but was more efficient.”

Meet the software that fits the customer

Timesheet software customers configure to their needs

MyHealth Access Network signed up to use OutlookTime® – the timesheet entry system which turns appointments and emails into timesheets and Outlook into a timesheet system.

“What impressed our team about OutlookTime® was the ability to tie categories you already use to a project. That clicked a lightbulb for our team: we continue to use the categories we already have set up and the software automatically charges it. At the end of the week we submit and are done. That was the ah-ha moment. OutlookTime® ties in so well with what we are already doing.”

For MyHealth Access Network, OutlookTime® ended needlessy manual data mining and cleaning up from appointment exports in Outlook Calendar.

“It got rid of a lot of duplicate work for us,” Butler says. “The software fits the customer. We didn’t have to change our processes, OutlookTime® just made them more efficient.”

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