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Timewatch continually seeks to improve its software products but Version X5 is a major update that reflects broader evolution in technology and greater feedback from our customers.

We love hearing from customers because a Timewatch driving force is creating the best product to fit a customer’s needs. We believe a product should fit the customer – not make a customer squeeze into the product.

Timewatch X5 is the best and most simple timesheet for your business

A simple timesheet is the best timesheet for your business

The summer of 2018 saw the rollout of update X4.4 but X5 now adds even more improved features.

  • Support for high resolution monitors (every new PC has a high res monitor)
  • New OutlookTime that supports high resolution monitors
  • Timers in Timesheets
  • Apps that allow greater customization
  • New Timeline view and booking screen in our scheduling product
  • Improved Resource Skill searching and selecting in scheduling
  • A user can now speak to their timesheet!
  • New reporting system that makes reporting faster, easier, and simpler

We love simpler.

Outlook timesheet improves efficiency

Timewatch Version X5 fits your simple business needs

Why is Timewatch X5 the software that all businesses should use to improve their efficiency?

That answer is simple.

There are many reasons but if this is a 30-second pitch then let’s just say that X5 has features that customers have asked us for:

  • Faster timesheet entry with Google, Timers etc
  • High resolution support, which people want because their PCs are high resolution
  • Apps, because customers want their system to work the way they work, not be forced to work they way their software does
  • Timeline view, because some organizations schedule in days not hours
  • New booking screen and resource skill selector, because larger organizations want to make it easier and faster to find the best available resource for a job
  • New reporting so that people can flick through reports to see which ones do what – like a cover view in a music player rather than run each report manually to see what it does

Want to know more about Timewatch version X5?

It’s simple.

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