If you think our products are only used by people in offices keeping an eye on the clock – it is time to think again. Timewatch software is used by students learning to fly as well as pilots flying commercial and military aircraft.

One of our customers has thousands of employees at multiple locations across the country and trains, equips, and maintains mission-ready forces worldwide. It deploys teams for emergency response, relief, and recovery operations.

How the aviation industry uses our software and keeps pilots and aircraft on time

Aviation: how our software is used by people who work five miles high in the sky - not just in offices

Many of these customers use WhiteSpace® – our resource scheduling software for both civil and military aviators.

As one user explains:

“We use Timewatch’s Whitespace® system to schedule pilots flying rosters 24 hours a day. Each pilot has a different role and mission to fulfill. Our pilots are located at multiple airfields which also made communication challenging when using different systems.

“We now have a monitor screen in a hangar at each field that each pilot can see and interact with their current schedules and upcoming schedules in real time. The automated system has reduced scheduling conflicts and expanded internal communication.”

Our customers in the aviation industry include Canada Department of Defense, Northrop Grumman, RAF Honington, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Westland Helicopters, BAE Systems, Cathay Pacific, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Emirates, Icelandair, PanAm Flight Academy, Virgin Atlantic Airways, to name a few.

Here are the reasons the aviation industry use Timewatch products for resource scheduling

Here are the reasons the aviation industry use Timewatch products for resource scheduling

Aviators like our products because it provides a highly visible, high performance, customizable view of schedules with everything they need, right at their fingertips.

Users can configure their screens to show the specific resources or groups they want to see. The screen can be color-coded to provide instant recognition of who is doing what and when. Real-time resource stats provide feedback on current and future availability to enable scheduling at a glance.

Calendars can be seamlessly synced with Outlook and Google Calendars, and include built-in resource proximity and route mapping, powerful reporting, and supports PCs, Macs, phones & tablets.

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