Automatic Timesheet – what will you do with the time we save your employees?

30-second overview:

  • Autofill is an automatic timesheet entry facility that uses data from Outlook appointments, Google appointments, Teams meetings etc.
  • Autofill completes timesheets with a click of a button
  • Autofill increases timesheet accuracy
  • Autofill uses data you already have so you never miss a detail

The worst kept secret of office life?

You often forget about the things you did earlier in the day, never mind things you did at the beginning of the week. That impromptu 15-minute meeting with a vendor, co-worker, or customer? Oh, yeah – now you mention it! These things ALL add up to time that should go in your timesheet, but are missed.

With Timewatch, you can already use their outlook calendars in their timesheet, you can also use Google calendars and even use Microsoft Teams. Now however, we’ve taken timesheet automation a step further, and with some AI and lateral thinking, we can automate the process.

Now, our latest system includes autofill timesheet, an automatic time tracking system that turns data from Outlook, Google, Teams, into timesheets and prefills employee’s timesheets for them to accept or reject. Timesheet automation saves employees valuable time, and it can be applied to literally any system that holds data that could be used for automatic time tracking.

Automatic Timesheet Entry?

Autofill can add items provisionally, or as automatic timesheet entries. At the click of a button users can confirm which items should be added to their timesheet. It takes seconds and saves hours. Currently, Autofill Timesheet works with Outlook, Teams, and Google calendars but we’ve designed Autofill to integrate with any system that holds data that can be used in timesheets.

Examples include: call logging, help desks, customer relationship systems, anything that holds indicates employee activity – and it if holds start and end time, that’s even better.

Never Forget a Work Meeting With Autofill Timesheet

Everyone knows that, as much as we would like them to do so, no one completes their timesheet as they go. Human nature means that they just don’t. Some people wait until the end of the day to complete a timesheet. Most wait until the end of the week. It’s no surprise if they forget about some calls or meetings.

Autofill timesheet helps people accurately and quickly fill out a timesheet and never miss a thing. It makes for a more accurate and rapid timesheet entry process.

How does Timesheet Autofill Work?

Timesheet Autofill integrates with other systems you use that have information that can help in timesheet entry. Our system automatically prefills users’ timesheets with this data, ready for users to add to their timesheets.

Google Calendar Timesheet - Automatic timesheet entry / automatic time tracking

Autofill timesheet also works with Google and Teams

Each event shows in our calendar timesheet at the time it occurred with an icon to show where the transaction came from: Outlook, Google, Teams, or elsewhere, with notes to help the user decide whether to add the event to their timesheet or not.

In pre-release testing, people were amazed how many items they had forgotten to add to their timesheet. Autofill Timesheet solves that problem and meets our mission at Timewatch, to make mundane tasks easier and faster to complete.

Using Autofill Timesheet is super easy. Employers set up their Timewatch timesheet system and link it with the systems they want to work with, then users decide where the autofill data will originate from. More of your timesheet is done with less time – a click of a button. Nothing is missed. That’s a good thing. Employees save time, and employers see an instant return on investment as employees have more time to spend on productive tasks, and that’s a very good thing.

Want to Learn More?

To learn how Autofill Timesheet can help your employees complete accurate timesheets quickly and simply, contact us or complete the form to arrange a call with a product specialist.

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