Masterleo’s technicians maintain some of the most important equipment used in agriculture and the food and dairy supply chain.

Located near Columbus, Ohio, the company provides on-site preventative maintenance, audit services, and instrumentation calibration and repair for the food and dairy industry.

Masterleo’s North American customers include Fortune 500 companies – Nestle, Unilever, Kroger, and Dean Foods.

How our technology helps make food regulation tech easy to maintain

How Timewatch helps keep America’s agriculture industry on schedule and our food safe

The company ensures the technology that keeps your milk safe works 100 percent of the time.

“Our specific focus is milk pasteurization so we do a lot with the dairy industry,” explains Masterleo’s Brian Henry.

“There are a lot of electronics and mechanical devices in our customer’s facilities and there is a lot of regulation that goes into the milk that you drink. We have to make sure that milk – or that beverage product or that cheese – is safe for consumption.

“We do a lot of calibration for the equipment. If a customer has a chart recorder or temperature sensor that fails, they call us in to repair, test, and calibrate those devices.”

How to maintain high standards and stay organized in agriculture 

Whitespace® - Timewatch resource scheduling software

To maintain the highest standards in maintaining the infrastructure of big companies, Masterleo needs to be highly efficient and organized with its own scheduling and planning.

“Because we are covering such a broad geographic area all of our service trips are planned out,” explains Masterleo’s Brian Henry.

“We usually set our calendar several months in advance. We need to know where we are going next week and the week after. If a customer calls with an emergency situation we need to plug them in to open spots.”

Masterleo uses Whitespace®, a Timewatch resource scheduling and planning package to meet those organizational needs.

“For us it is not, ‘Yeah, whatever’,” says Henry. “The software has got to work and it has got to meet our needs perfectly.”

“Whitespace® offers the ability to view resource schedules from any web browser. I think most of our guys will end up using Whitespace® on their iPads although if they need to log in from their phone it is also super easy. For what we do, our scheduling software is just as important as the financial software.”