Agile Resource Scheduling with Outlook Sync

Highly Configurable, Agile Resource Scheduling Solution

A sophisticated, agile resource scheduling system that links to Outlook and Google calendars with powerful reporting capabilities to perfectly meet your organization’s requirements.

Our resource management solution is software you can trust. Innovative features provide you with complete control over your resource scheduling.

Extensive configuration and customization options allow your resource scheduling implementation to be perfectly tailored to your specific business needs. We take into account your exact requirements to give you complete control over every aspect of your scheduling solution. You’ll be able to view your resources by skill, project, customer, or team, and adjust this in any way you require.

We can schedule anything!

Anything means anything, not just your employees. Whether you’re scheduling training courses, projects, vehicles, patients, equipment, rooms, or anything else, our agile resource scheduling tool can display your resources in a way that is simple, user-friendly, and above all, valuable for your business. Our scheduling system is transformative for your resources’ time management.

Resolve and manage conflicts

Calendar conflicts, while sometimes necessary, can cause various issues such as planning errors, reduced resource utilization, missed meetings, and customer goodwill. Timewatch helps to manage these conflicts. In some cases you may need to allow them, for example for provisional scheduling. In other cases you will want to avoid them altogether, send alerts, and quickly resolve clashes should something change. Like all of our features, users can adjust the rules of conflict management in accordance with their needs.

Intelligent drag & drop

With drag and drop, it’s all too easy to add a booking to the wrong resource or accidentally change a meeting – and mistakes like these can cause a domino effect across your scheduling line. Thanks to our intelligent drag and drop taking everything into account (including skills, timezone, capacity and rules), you can rest easy knowing that simple scheduling mishaps are a thing of the past.

Two-way Outlook Sync

Seamless, two-way Outlook & Teams integration is crucial, and should be a key feature of any resource management software. We can help you synchronize calendars across your workforce, allowing more clarity, awareness and accuracy.

In a dynamic workplace things change and errors cost money. Your systems must remain in sync. We also add security to Outlook to allow our users to secure specific bookings so they cannot be moved!

Timewatch Two Way Outlook Calendar Sync

Want reporting, data mining, and analytics?

We can give you all that too! Timewatch provides a library of reports and dashboards, and we have report writers that allow customers to receive exactly the reporting they need. In industry speak we call this business intelligence and it is really intelligent – there are no limits. If the data is in the database, the data can be reported on. If business intelligence has a rating, it would be genius!

Want to Learn More?

Want to know more about our highly configurable resource scheduling system? Book a demo here and see how you can gain you with complete control over your scheduling.

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