Customer Feedback: Time recording and scheduling systems

Our latest Outlook timesheet includes new features that help employees working from home.

Actual Customer Feedback

“Thirty seconds to complete an entire timesheet? I don’t believe it.”

Timewatch sales staff love giving demonstrations of our products. Not because it provides them an opportunity to show their expertise and knowledge about Timewatch timesheet and scheduling products. Neither because it is an opportunity to show potential customers how our timesheet and scheduling products are the best on the market.

The reason our sales staff love Timewatch product demos is because of the feedback they receive from potential customers. We find that user experience and word-of-mouth are the best advertisements for our products, and that is exactly why feedback from users is so important.

We often hear how our time tracking and scheduling tools are simple to use, have smooth dashboard design, look and work just like Microsoft products, and that users always have easy access to a service desk if they need assistance. But it’s the feedback from potential customers and current users says everything you need to know about our products.

Actual Customer Feedback

Here are some actual comments from potential customers during product demonstrations. We think these words speak for themselves.

“Is this a Microsoft product? No? The application looks exactly like a Microsoft Office product, I really like that!”

“I really like the online catalog of help articles and documents.”

“I like the option to use the web timesheet application on my phone or from Outlook, in order to submit my timesheet.”

“So I can just click a button and import my calendar into a timesheet? Wow!”

“Wow, the drill-downs are really cool!”“The product seems really easy to use.”

“I love the dashboards.”


“Being able to export all of the reports into any format we like is great.”

“I really like how I can customize the security to enable or disable any feature.”

“The inbuilt services desk is a nice touch so we do not have to get routed through a call center.”

Customer Feedback is why we love giving demos.

Timewatch products make the impossible and complicated possible and simple

“We have a really complicated charging structure, sometimes it is the person, sometimes the position, sometimes the type of work, sometimes the project and sometimes the customer and you can handle all of those which is great.”

“We looked at a product that said it could integrate with Outlook, but it was only on creation, so we could see what was in the person’s Outlook diary, but if they made any changes we didn’t know. This is great that we can see updates and see bookings going both ways.”

“Thirty seconds to complete an entire timesheet? I don’t believe it.”

“It works on every browser. That is great as we don’t have a standard approach. We have lots of external people.”

“This is really going to speed up my billing process.”

“I really like the color coding on the bookings.”

“I can see one day, one week or one month on the view? Great, that looks really useful.”

“All these reports can go into Excel. My admin team will love that.”

“It’s really good that different users see different dashboards when they log in.”

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Seriously – you don’t have to believe what we say about our own products. It’s our customers who have the best advice and recommendations.

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