Here’s why we think we have found the best timesheet system in the world*.

Every day you are wasting valuable time duplicating data by entering information into Outlook that could be used to enter your on timesheet.

Frustrated (and possibly a little bored), you may have wondered why you can’t just post appointments from Outlook to your timesheet.

Now, with OutlookTime®, you can do exactly that.

Here Are Some Benefits of OutlookTime® Time Tracking Software

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The Best Timesheet Means Increased Efficiency

Your users already know how to use Outlook and they already enter appointments into Outlook. OutlookTime® enhances Outlook to allow users to add Customer & Project details to appointments, then post them to their timesheet. By removing duplication, OutlookTime® typically saves employees three to four HOURS each week.

The Best Timesheet Equals Improved Reporting & Management

Outlook is a calendar system not a timesheet reporting system. But with OutlookTime®, Outlook is transformed into a full-blown timesheet reporting system. Administrators can review time by employee, by customer, by project, by date, or any combination of these. Additionally, budgets allow analysis of time versus budget, estimate to complete by project.

The Best Timesheet Includes Optional Billing

An optional billing module allows timesheets to be valued, invoiced, and even posted to a financial accounting system, saving even more time.

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The Best Timesheet Results in Cost Savings

In addition to the three to four hours each week that OutlookTime® saves employees entering timesheets, it also saves project managers four to five HOURS each week as all project information is instantly accessible to them. Additionally, administrators save two to three DAYS each month as timesheet consolidation is fully automated and reporting is available in real-time.

The Best Timesheet Promotes Improved Accuracy

It’s no secret that employees do not like filling out timesheets. OutlookTime® saves them time as it uses data already in Outlook. Put simply, users love using OutlookTime® as it makes their life easier, saves them time, and this in turn means timesheets are entered more frequently and more accurately.

best timesheet in the world

The Best Timesheet Improves Your Bottom Line

If your organization tracks employee timesheets and uses Outlook, you owe it to everyone who works with you to take a look at OutlookTime® and learn how using Outlook to track timesheets will benefit everyone.
It cannot be clearer: if you use Outlook and if you use timesheets, your business needs to consider OutlookTime® to start saving money, making your business more efficient, and increasing your profit.

* Yes, we know we are claiming the best timesheet system in the world is the one we make.